Summary of the corners of the most vulnerable children …

You may not find that the home is the most vulnerable place for children. Children's furniture needs to take care of the child's hyperactivity, and it must be designed with safety in mind. A representative of the Global Child Safety Organization walked into the home of a ch-----

Clear Korean dream bedroom with pure beauty wardrobe to…

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Korean style is mainly based on garden floral, small clear, comfortable and soft, feeling very relaxed, no pressure feeling. Today, Xiaobian introduces a set of Korean-style bedroom matching cases called Han Dream, and recommends the corresponding matching pro-----

Bamboo furniture features and types

The great poet Su Dongpo once said: "The eater's bamboo shoots, the bamboo buds of the occupants, the bamboo rafts of the stalkers, the bamboo shackles of the shackles, the bamboo stalks of the stalkers, the bamboo paper of the books, the bamboo shoes of the stalkers, can -----

Defense + repair protects you from the harsh winter

Everyday urban skin responds to pressure from all sides, the oxidation of free radicals, the toxins produced by its own metabolism, and the sensitivity of environmental changes. The pollution caused by the heating season is undoubtedly buried for the already fragile skin. With a time bomb, if you d-----

7 tips for creating red lips

Red lip makeup is not just as simple as applying red lipstick. It also requires a lot of tricks to share the makeup techniques of 7 red lips makeup. Let's take a look! 1, with concealer The lip color of the person will affect the effect of the red lip makeup, so first use the concealer to mak-----

Solid wood children's furniture, environmental prot…

Recently, Hunan Satellite TV's outdoor variety show "Where is Dad Going" triggered a round of ratings frenzy, and parent-child topics aroused public interest. How does Dad create a healthy and safe home living space for the baby? The choice of children's furniture is an indispensa-----

Ornithine cycle

It is a circulatory mechanism for urea-reducing animals to synthesize urea in the liver. The amino acids in the cytoplasm of liver cells undergo transamination to form glutamate with α-ketoglutarate, enter the mitochondrial matrix through the mitochondrial membrane, and are deaminated by glutam-----