GMP system

The attachment is a GMP system, designed to meet the requirements of the new version of GMP. Through years of fruitful cooperation with well-known domestic enterprises (Livzon Pharmaceutical, etc.), we are determined to forge ahead and follow the requirements of the new version of GMP for the overal-----

OL must be cautious in the summer skin care four misund…

In the summer heat, the workplace OL have encountered such a problem: spend a lot of money to invest in a number of well-maintained skin care products, but found that the effect is not satisfactory. Do not doubt that the product has a false name, it is estimated that you have suffered a summer skin-----

Concealer helps you create a perfect skin with a conser…

Even the perfect skin will be flawed, no matter how hard we try to maintain the skin. However, we can further modify the sputum by concealing, so that spots, acne and other problems disappear. Today, let the editor recommend several concealer products to let you create a perfect skin. Clinique Cli-----

Application of Potentiometric Titrator in Electronics I…

Potentiometric titrators are widely used in the electronics industry and are important tools for quality control of electronic devices. In the production process of the printed circuit board, the development of the photosensitive dry film immediately after the exposure of the printed circuit board i-----

Tips for buying bamboo furniture

The bamboo furniture is light and comfortable, and the color is elegant and unique. It has a simple and natural beauty. Generally check the following points when purchasing: 1. Because bamboo furniture is mostly made by hand, and bamboo is not as tight as steel and wooden furnitur-----

Spot Human Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibitor-2 ELISA T…

Human Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibitor-2 ELISA Detection Kit This reagent is for research use only. Specimen: Humor Test Principle: The TIMP-2 kit is a solid-phase sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). The standard of known TIMP-2 concentration The samples with unknown concentration-----

Auxiliary tools for wood carving knives

Mainly refers to hammers, rafts, axes, saws. The purpose of the axe is to cut the wood with a large amount of blanks. Pay attention to the excessive force when cutting. Do not straighten it down. The axe blade should be kept at about 45 degrees with the vertical grain. Otherwi-----