New product packaging

In the modern market, packaging has become almost an indispensable part of any product. Some of the most popular products in the world are also known worldwide for their packaging. Such as Kodak film packaging, Coca-Cola packaging. Including designing nature has also become an indispensable part o-----

New Sun Nutrition's New Recyclable Cans

New Sun Nutrition Company is a nutritional supplement, health food and beverage developer. On February 7, the company announced that it had officially reformulated its patented FRS (Free Radical Cleansing) antioxidant health drink and introduced it to the market in a beautiful new recyclable can p-----

Japan successfully develops deep stamping paper and edi…

Japan's Nippon Paper Co., Ltd. has successfully developed deep stamping paper made from natural fibers. This stamping paper can be used for paper stamping dies. The stamped pattern or text is 5 to 10 times higher than that of plain paper. This product can use plastic mold as equipment to make -----

Several important indicators on UV Varnish

Now more and more UV light oil manufacturers, the production scale is also growing, but for UV printing and decorating cigarette printing oil, the most important condition is not very clear. After many tests and long-term use, it is summarized as follows: 1, anti-fog effect. This is the most cri-----

Appealing packaging strategies in product marketing

In the modern market, packaging has become an indispensable part of any product. For those newly-listed products or products that people do not understand well, packaging is the medium that attracts consumers' attention. Therefore, packaging strategies are particularly important. Analogical P-----

Electro-aluminum hot stamping process operation

With the continuous improvement of people’s material and cultural living standards, people’s demands for printed materials are also getting higher and higher. In particular, the products after electro-aluminum hot stamping are even more colorful and are favored by users, which makes -----

Hose printing method

Hose, a convenient and economical form of packaging, is very popular. It is one of the packaging series favored by the packaging industry at home and abroad. Mainly used for the packaging of liquids, pastes and other items, widely used in daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries. -----