59 kinds of brand laminate flooring comparison test report

In recent years, home decoration has become a hot spot for urban residents in China. How to purchase a satisfactory laminate flooring is a question that consumers often consult with Consumers Association. Recently, the China Consumers Association and the Hubei Consumers Association, under the support of the National Wood-based Panel Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, conducted comparative tests on some of the branded laminate floorings in Beijing and Wuhan, providing reference to consumers who are planning to purchase laminate flooring. .

In this comparative test, 32 samples were taken from some building materials markets in Beijing, and 27 samples were taken from the Wuhan market. The test samples were taken from the market by the Consumer Association staff as ordinary consumers. The test results are only responsible for the samples, and do not represent the entire quality status of other brands of different brands and different batches of different brands.

According to the main performance characteristics and application requirements involved in the use of laminate flooring by consumers, this test tested the surface wear resistance, impact resistance, water absorption thickness expansion rate, density and formaldehyde emission of the sample.

The test work is undertaken by the National Wood-based Panel Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. The test method is based on the standard test method of GB/T18102-2000 "Immersed paper laminated wood flooring".

Surface wear resistance is an important indicator of reinforced laminate flooring. This property directly affects the service life of the product. For the 59 samples in this test, there are 34 kinds, that is, 57.6% of the samples have a wear resistance of more than 6000 rpm. In line with national standards, the basic requirements for laminate flooring can be used in the home. Among them, 13 kinds of samples have a wear resistance of more than 9000 rpm and can be used in public places, such as Ruijia, Longdi (7966), Shengxiang (2000), Jixiang (400), Shengda (offic), wave. Rui, Jianuo, etc., the wear resistance number is above 10,000 rpm. The wear resistance of the remaining 25 samples is below 6000 rpm, including 8 in the Beijing market and 17 in the Wuhan market. The wear resistance of these samples does not meet the standard requirements and should not be sold to consumers who are doing home decoration. Among the samples with wear resistance below 6000 rpm, there are 17 kinds of wear-resistant revolutions less than 1000 rpm, Beijing market 4 kinds, 13 kinds in Wuhan market, the wear resistance is very poor. "Ou Lande" sold by C6 in Beijing Lize Building Materials City, "Kirin" sold at No. 3, 3rd Floor, Beijing Lize Flooring City, "Dragon Elephant", etc., extracted from Zhouzhuangzi Geely Floor Management Department, Fengtai District, Beijing Lize Flooring City The number of grinding revolutions is below 400 rpm; "Fuqiang", "Fu Lijia" and "Golden Crocodile" extracted from the building materials market of Xudong Road in Wuhan, "Hongyun", "Liying" and "Jia Li" extracted from the building materials market of Shundao Street in Hankou, "Huawei" and other wear-resistant revolutions are only 100 revolutions or less.

According to the experts of the National Wood-based Panel Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, which has undertaken this test and test work, the wear resistance is an important performance index of the laminate flooring, which directly affects the service life of the product. The higher the number of revolutions, the better the wear resistance. The longer the service life. The floor with the wear resistance of less than 6000 rpm can only be processed by the manufacturer according to the special requirements of the user, and can be used by the customer under low pressure in certain conditions, but can not be used as a laminate floor for ordinary consumers in the home. The dealer cannot sell the laminate to the consumer without any explicit indication.

And only a few hundred turns of the sample, compared with the real wear-resistant laminate flooring, the surface is actually not wear-resistant layer or wear-resistant layer is extremely thin, under normal use conditions, its service life will be much lower than the real Laminate flooring. Experts believe that these so-called laminate flooring with low wear resistance can only be used for temporary floor covering.

At present, the adhesive used in the laminate flooring is still mainly urea-formaldehyde resin, and the residual formaldehyde in the adhesive will be gradually released to the surrounding environment; under the harsh environmental conditions, if the urea-formaldehyde resin is hydrolyzed, formaldehyde gas will be released and released. The formaldehyde emission of all samples in this test accords with the requirements of GB/T 18102-2000 "impregnated paper laminated wood flooring". China has issued mandatory standards for the concentration of formaldehyde in the air of public places. For example, in the place where the floor is laid, the smell of formaldehyde gas can be smelled out, and the concentration of formaldehyde in the air has exceeded the standard. According to the simulation test, if the measured formaldehyde emission is about 9mg/100g or less, the standard requirements for formaldehyde concentration in the air can basically be achieved without taking other measures.

In this test, 59 samples, 29 samples of formaldehyde emission less than 9mg/100g, of which the Beijing market "European", "Ou Lujia (7410BS)", "Ouji", "Pule" formaldehyde emission is lower .

The test also tested the impact resistance, water absorption thickness expansion, density and other indicators of the sample. The above indicators of all samples meet the standard requirements.

In early 1998, the China Consumers Association conducted a survey on the laminate flooring market and found that the market for laminate flooring was quite confusing. The outstanding performance was that most of the imported laminate flooring labels did not have obvious Chinese product names, factory names, Site, and related performance indicators. In the course of this test, the investigation found that the same situation still exists. For example, in the samples of the Beijing market, in addition to the domestically produced "Hui Li", "Ji Xiang", "Sheng Da", and imported "Rui Jia" and "Long Di" have clear and complete Chinese logos, as well as individual imported brands. In addition to the simpler Chinese trademarks, most products are packaged without Chinese logos. Even some domestic laminate flooring manufacturers intend to put English brands or Chinese Pinyin on the packaging instead of Chinese. The purpose is to make consumers think that the product For the import of products, it is also convenient for dealers to fabricate the products in the place of sale and deceive consumers. In addition, some manufacturers do not indicate the product name and product model on the packaging, which is convenient for the dealer to look like a laminate flooring, but the melamine decorative panel without the wear layer is actually sold to the consumer. However, because the manufacturer did not indicate the product name or the model number on the packaging, the consumer could not verify it and could only be deceived.

Article 27 of China's "Product Quality Law" stipulates that the product or the label on its packaging must be true, and the product name, manufacturer's name and factory address indicated in Chinese shall be available. National standards for laminate flooring: The manufacturer's name, address, date of manufacture, product name, quantity, and moisture and sun protection mark should be on the packaging label. The enterprises that the China Consumers Association requires not marked in accordance with the above laws and standards should be corrected as soon as possible so that consumers can clearly understand the purchase of laminate flooring and not give the illegal dealers a chance. At the same time, consumers should be reminded to pay attention to the purchase of some well-known brands of products, purchase products that indicate the brand, manufacturer, site, model, specifications and grades. In addition, the expert provides a simple method for identifying the quality of the laminate flooring. Using the No. 180 sandpaper to rub the surface of the floor for about 10 times, the surface pattern without the wear layer or the wear-resistant type will be damaged, and the floor is good. It is intact.

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