7 tips for creating red lips

Red lip makeup is not just as simple as applying red lipstick. It also requires a lot of tricks to share the makeup techniques of 7 red lips makeup. Let's take a look!

7 magical features of red lips makeup

1, with concealer

The lip color of the person will affect the effect of the red lip makeup, so first use the concealer to make the bottom, so that the lip will create a perfect "painting board" for the lipstick, in order to make the original color of the lipstick appear on your lips. come out.

7 magical features of red lips makeup

2, use like blush

Lipstick can play a perfect creamy blush character. Use your fingers to pick up a little lipstick, then rub it with two fingers and let the lipstick warm between the fingers. Then smile, press the lipstick on the apple muscle with your fingertips, slowly smudge it, it is the perfect blush

7 magical features of red lips makeup

3, the trend of the gradient

If you want to try a more subtle version of the red lips trend, use lipstick as a stain. The method is to apply lipstick to the center of the lips, then use your fingers or lip brush to smudge the outside, let the color spread, whether it is berry or bright. The pinks are very beautiful.

7 magical features of red lips makeup

4, prevent the lipstick from sticking to the teeth

Red lipstick is very embarrassing to white teeth. To prevent this, you can put a finger in the mouth after applying the lipstick, then close your mouth and cover your finger, then gently Pull your fingers out and wash your hands. This is done to use your fingers to bring out the lipstick on the lips that is most susceptible to the teeth.

7 magical features of red lips makeup

5, prevent lipstick spillover

Use concealer on your lip line, or use a lip liner to outline the lip line to make the edges of the red lips sharper and without blurry borders.

7 magical features of red lips makeup

6, repair damaged lipstick

The lipstick that is accidentally broken does not need to be thrown away. Bake the broken part slightly with fire. After it melts slightly, press it on the base, then put the lipstick into the refrigerator for 20 minutes, and the broken lipstick will be restored. .

7 magical features of red lips makeup

7, make the color more intense

After applying the lipstick, gently rub it in the middle of the lips with a paper towel, remove the lipstick floating on the surface, and then apply it again. This method can make the color of the red lip makeup more vivid, and the makeup effect is more durable, which can reach more than ten. No makeup for hours.

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