About the use method of GUIGO brand flapping aseptic homogenizer

For the application scope of GUIGO brand aseptic homogenizer, please refer to the detailed description of the product. This article mainly introduces the use method and precautions of the aseptic aseptic homogenizer!

First, use method: use the GUIGO brand aseptic homogenizer. First, put the sample to be processed into a sterile homogenization bag and open the homogenizer box door (four strengthened transparent windows to confirm the crushing operation) Degree), clamp the mouth of the sterile homogenization bag when closing the door! Then, set the speed / tap time of the homogenizer and start the homogenizer after switching on. Finally, open the door (open the door and stop, the red light is on), take out the sample!

Second, the matters needing attention: 01. The power plug must be firmly inserted into place. Looseness may affect the computer controller and cause a crash. If a crash occurs, turn off the power switch on the rear side and restart it after 3 minutes of shutdown. 02. Please do not open the homogenizer door at will when the hammer board is working to avoid overflow of sample liquid. It should be built according to "open / stop", and the equipment will automatically stop running. After closing the door, press "Open / Stop" to build, and the equipment will automatically complete the rest of the work. Do not reverse the operation. 03. If the instrument is not used for a long time, the power supply should be cut off and the plug removed. Prevent the aging of electronic components inside the sterile homogenizer. 04. The bottom of the homogenizer door is designed to prevent accidental rupture of the homogenization bag and facilitate the cleaning of spillage. The bottom is designed to be empty and can be used to place a water tray. It is best not to open the homogenizer door when the homogenizer is working, causing unnecessary losses. 05. Before running the machine, please carefully check whether there are foreign objects in the homogenization box, so as to avoid failure and damage to the homogenization bag during work. 06. Hard, sharp, hard and sharp materials such as lumps, bones, and ice should not be used to avoid damaging the homogeneous bag. 07. The storage of the instrument and the homogenous bag should avoid direct sunlight, especially the homogenous bag should be stored in a place without sunlight or ultraviolet radiation to avoid aging. 08. When the amount is small and the speed needs to be increased, when the homogenized fiber is relatively tough, you can use the rear knob to adjust the distance between the flapper and the window to achieve a better homogenization effect.

Pay attention to the adjusted distance to avoid the occurrence of air strikes and other damage to the sterile homogenizer.

Friendly reminder: Please strictly abide by the laboratory operation rules and regulations during the experiment! After using the machine, please turn off the power and unplug the power cord!

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