Alcoa develops shrink sleeve labels

Alcoa Flexible Packaging recently developed a 50-micron PETG backside printed shrink sleeve label that uses interference-type "flip" inks that change color as the label tilts. The white pearlescent surface print features k for increased graphics depth. These special printing processes are suitable for PETG, OPS and PVC substrates.

There`s no doubt that grilling has grown extremely popular in recent years. To make sure that your meal is as tasty and mouthwatering as possible, JX Company has created professional-quality Grilling Tools and accessories. They make BBQ grilling easier and provide consistently excellent results. The beauty and strength of stainless-steel make it a great choice for precision cooking/grilling tools like slotted spatulas, tongs, grill forks and basting mops. That way you can cook more efficiently. Our grilling tools help you produce golden-brown crusts and great flavor without difficulty.

Grilling Tools

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