Appealing packaging strategies in product marketing

In the modern market, packaging has become an indispensable part of any product. For those newly-listed products or products that people do not understand well, packaging is the medium that attracts consumers' attention. Therefore, packaging strategies are particularly important.

Analogical Packaging Enterprises use similar colors and identical patterns on their own product packaging to reflect common features. The effect of this packaging strategy is to make it extremely easy for customers to think that these products are from the same company. Its advantages lie in the saving of packaging design and manufacturing costs, the expansion of business momentum, and the improvement of the market position of the company, as well as the promotion of new products. Cosmetics such as Jasmine Oil, Nivea and others use this packaging strategy.

Packaging grade The company uses different packaging for different grades or different quality products, and strives to be suitable for the grade of the packaging material and decoration style. This packaging strategy can meet the consumer needs of different levels of consumer groups in different use environments, and it will not affect the reputation of other products because of poor sales of certain products. However, the implementation of this strategy will inevitably increase packaging production and design costs and increase the promotion costs. When Cocoa Chips came into the market in 2003, it chose three different types of packaging—bags, boxes and drums—to meet the needs of different consumer groups.

Reuse packaging is also called reuse packaging. This strategy has two forms: First, the company recycles packaging, reuses it, such as soda bottle, beer bottle, etc., and secondly, after the packaging product is used up, the packaging is used for other purposes. For example, a biscuit box is used for storing other foods, a can bottle is used as a drinking cup, and the like. Reuse of packaging reduces costs and benefits consumers. Labels such as trademarks on the packaging are used to promote products and enhance corporate awareness. Ingenious and practical packaging can also stimulate consumers' desire to purchase and promote sales.

Aggregated packaging is aimed at consumers' buying habits and packages several related products in the same outer packaging, such as coffee and coffee mate, shampoo and conditioner, and various cosmetics, for the purchase of consumers. Easy to use. This packaging strategy is conducive to driving sales of products, in particular, is conducive to the promotion of new products, so that customers unconsciously get used to the promotion of new products, so that customers unconsciously used to the use of new products, accepted the new concept This also saves packaging costs. However, the implementation of this strategy has certain limitations, and only those small commodities with high frequency of purchase and strong compatibility can adopt this strategy.

Capacity difference packaging companies according to the consumer's habits, according to the weight or quantity of the product, design different sizes of packaging, such as: toothpaste, detergent and other daily necessities, ham, milk powder and other foods are large, medium and small different package. This packaging strategy embodies the concept of modern consumer-centric marketing and promotes sales.

Gift packaging companies will be consumers as a gift of goods for a special, special packaging, such as: couples table, moon cakes, children's toys, nutritional supplements and so on. The implementation of this strategy can easily promote the sale of goods, especially during festivals, and use gift packaging for holiday goods, with particularly outstanding results.

Renewing Packaging Companies discard obsolete, backward or unappealing packaging and use new interior designs or new packaging materials to improve the image of the original product. Improve product packaging, from the overall concept of the product, is to improve the product. The implementation of this packaging strategy has brought a new look to the product image and enhanced the temptation of the product. Its role in promoting sales is obvious.

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