Bamboo furniture features and types

The great poet Su Dongpo once said: "The eater's bamboo shoots, the bamboo buds of the occupants, the bamboo rafts of the stalkers, the bamboo shackles of the shackles, the bamboo stalks of the stalkers, the bamboo paper of the books, the bamboo shoes of the stalkers, can be said that this is not the case." The importance of bamboo in the ordinary days of ancient times can be seen. There were more than 60 kinds of bamboo articles in the Han Dynasty, more than 100 kinds in the Jin Dynasty, nearly 200 species in the Tang and Song Dynasties, and more than 250 species in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Today, bamboo products are no longer a necessity, but its unique toughness, coolness and beauty are still a good choice for daily use and home decoration.

The bamboo material selected for bamboo furniture is made of a series of mechanical, high-temperature and high-pressure restrictions. According to modern manufacturing technology, it is processed into a variety of bamboos with exceptional appearance, durability and beautiful texture. The general bamboo furniture is very simple and dry, and the new bamboo furniture made by using the new technology now adheres to the common texture of bamboo and overcomes the "congenital defects" of bamboo.

As a renewable ecological commodity, bamboo home has the following characteristics:

1. Bamboo furniture is conducive to environmental protection. Bamboo can be grown in three to four years and can be regenerated after harvesting. China is a high-quality wood substitute for information on environmental degradation and low natural forest stocks. Bamboo glue is used in special glue to avoid the damage of formaldehyde to the human body.

2. The processed bamboo material adheres to the original natural grain of bamboo, and the furniture made of bamboo material returns to the original, giving people a simple and elegant feeling.

3, bamboo furniture is warm in winter and cool in summer, good for health. Due to the natural characteristics of bamboo, its moisture absorption and heat absorption function is higher than other woods. Therefore, it sits on the hot summer and cools and absorbs sweat. In winter, it can keep warm. The query revealed that the bamboo-wood layout of the house can create common environmental characteristics, the bamboo and wood materials can adjust the indoor microclimate, and the biological livelihood conditioning and mental conditioning of the human body, resulting in a longevity effect.

The materials selected for bamboo furniture are high quality bamboos produced from Gui, Xiang and Yi. The tensile strength and compressive strength of the grain were 2 times that of cherry wood and 2.5 times of that of Chinese fir. The processing method is that the thick bamboo is peeled and then cut into bamboo strips of 3×4 cm thickness, and then the large-sized sheet is made by high-pressure sizing by special technique. The whole process has to pass more than 30 processes. According to industry insiders: After the disposal of the plate, it will not crack, deform and degumming. The various physical functions are equivalent to medium and high grade hardwood. Due to the sufficient and low quality of bamboo furniture, coupled with careful depiction, under the premise of the lack of global timber resources, it is likely to become the main force of future furniture in the near future.

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Bamboo furniture - old raw materials, new shapes

It seems to be slender and light, but it is stable and tough. This is the characteristic of bamboo furniture. The simple and beautiful bamboo chair in the picture is depicted by Shi Dayu, a Chinese portrayalist. The chair's depiction uses many appearances, and the lines are simple and concise, and very modern. Combining the traditional raw materials of bamboo with modern appearances may be the best embodiment of old and new mixes.

Bamboo lamps - light a touch of Zen

The light rushes out from the gap between the bamboo strips. There is always a quiet Zen. If you want to add a Zen charm to the bedroom, the bamboo table lamp is a good choice, bringing a strange silence to the night home.

Bamboo flooring - warm and cool on winter

The biggest advantage of bamboo flooring is that it is warm in winter and cool in summer. Because bamboo has low thermal conductivity, it does not produce heat and heat. It is especially suitable for paving in the living room and bedroom. Moreover, the stability of the bamboo floor is excellent, the cracking deformation rate is lower than that of the solid wood floor, and the bamboo fiber is placed in a "hollow brick" shape, and the tensile, compression and waterproof functions are all pointed.

Bamboo decorations - cool suggestions for summer

Don't underestimate the effect of the decorations, the decorations of different materials can create a different home personality. This season, bamboo products can best "slow the heat and cool down" in the living room. Xianggongguan suggests that you can put a bamboo flower device, a bamboo photo frame or a heavy window cloth on the coffee table with fresh bamboo curtains. Good advice on summer homes.

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Bamboo household small items - easy to use, more special

We have long been accustomed to wooden chopping boards, tool holders, and accustomed to the storage bag of fabrics... Have you ever thought that bamboo products are more suitable for these "persons"? Bamboo is very waterproof, has better patience, and is simpler to organize than fabric. With these strengths, why not test bamboo products at home?

Bamboo digital products - high-tech and retro

Our ancestors used bamboo pens to write and use bamboo slips to record stories. Why can't there be bamboo in today's communication technology? The bamboo laptop, mouse, and U disk make the digital goods of a thousand miles more silent, so that we can indulge in the time of this world technology, and we will not forget China's gorgeous ancient civilization.

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