Blister packaging device

[Abstract] The present invention relates to a device for storing and dispensing unit doses, the blister packaging device comprising an open receiving blister container. The container is provided with a dispensing device for expelling a unit dose in a blister in a blister pack, the dispensing device including a lever arm rotatably mounted on the container and a unit dose for dispensing the discharged unit Groove in the container. The lever arm has a first open position allowing the blister to be placed under the lever and a second lower position allowing the unit dose to be discharged from the blister into the groove.
Sovereign Items 1. A blister pack device (1) for storing a blister pack (12) and dispensing a unit dose (15) therefrom, the device comprising a container for containing a blister pack having an opening (4) (2), characterized in that the container is provided with dispensing means (6, 8, 9) for discharging the unit dose from the blister (13) in the blister pack, the dispensing means comprising a rotatably mounted container A lever arm (6), and a container (8) for accommodating a discharged unit dose, wherein the lever arm has a first open position and a second lowered position, the first open position allowing blister pack settings Below the lever arm, the second lowered position is used to discharge the unit dose into the groove from the bubble cap.

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