Briefly describe the digital printing process of printing diagrams

One way of digital printing is because of digital printing. There are two kinds of more common digital printing methods: computer direct printing and computer direct printing. The main differences in the process flow are shown in the following table:

Digital Involved Printing Pictures and Texts → Computer Typesetting → Computer Layout → Out of Film → Sun PS Edition → Printing

Computer-to-plate pictures and texts → Computer typography → Computer graphics → PS version → Printing

Computer direct printing of pictures and texts → Computer typesetting → Computer imposition → Digital output (printing)

The above can be seen: The difference between the three is only the output to the printed part. Since the digital intrusive printing equipment is the same as the traditional printing, the relative investment is relatively small, the technology is more mature, so it is widely used.

Although the latter two have many advantages, the fewer processes from the computer to the printing, the higher the cost will be when they need to be modified (regardless of the type of printing platemaking method, the time to modify is to reach the later stage, and the cost of error correction will increase. Big)

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