Comprehensive analysis of the six major equipment causing the paper break

Paper breaks are not only caused by the cause of the paper itself and improper operation of personnel, but also because of problems with equipment or circuits themselves. Therefore, we must not only strictly operate according to the regulations, but also pay attention to the maintenance of the machine and the budding state of the problem. Let's take a look at the six major “causes” that caused paper breaks:

1. Infeed failure. Common failures include shaftless transmission failure, governor failure, and paper breakage; communication failure, paper breakage; paper feed roller rubber roll, rubber breakage, etc.

2. The printing department is malfunctioning. Common faults are: â‘  a paper motor drive failure caused by out-of-synchronization caused a paper break; â‘¡ communication failure caused by a shaftless transmission failure caused a paper break; â‘¢ water spray bar failure caused the machine to spray water in a non-printing state, and the printing cylinder was too wet during printing Paper breaks when closed. â‘£Blank breaks when the blanket comes off during printing.

3. The drive of the paper pulling roller is faulty. The pulling roller is an important part of the tension system. Note: The refrigeration equipment in the electrical cabinet should be checked regularly, and the filter should be cleaned regularly to avoid overheating protection of the drive.

4. The paper roll is too thick and the paper is easy to break. Long-term printing, such as the ink roller is too thick, it is easy to break the paper, especially when receiving the paper, generally, it can be wiped once a day.

5. The paper feed section is malfunctioning. Common failures caused by electrical failures include abnormal paper breaks, disordered paper play, uncoupling of paper rolls, running out of paper rolls, etc .; mechanical failure is mainly a problem with brake pads.

6. Paper breakage caused by instantaneous power failure. Because the machine is a shaftless drive, the momentary power failure will cause all the paper in the printing to break, and it is easy to burn out electrical components, which is a huge hazard. Therefore, it is necessary to coordinate with the power supply department. It is also necessary to add ups backup power.

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