Concealer helps you create a perfect skin with a conservative age secret

Even the perfect skin will be flawed, no matter how hard we try to maintain the skin. However, we can further modify the sputum by concealing, so that spots, acne and other problems disappear. Today, let the editor recommend several concealer products to let you create a perfect skin.

Concealer helps you create a perfect skin. Conservative age secrets

Clinique Clinique Cleansing Concealer 180RMB / 10ml

Product Features: Covers acne and redness caused by acne, and the makeup is naturally lasting. Reduce oil secretion, prevent the spread of acne, and reduce the chance of acne.

Different from other concealer is just a cover-up, he also has anti-inflammatory effect while covering up, acne will retreat faster, so it is very easy to use. The concealing power is very good. It can reduce the dispersion of oil and prevent acne. Cover the cockroaches on your face.

Concealer helps you create a perfect skin. Conservative age secrets

Shiseido Shiseido Strip Foundation

Product Features: Strip-shaped foundation for special needs such as red cheeks, nose and eyelids. It can improve skin tone from inside to outside and make skin tone even. Contains prismatic powder to create a beautiful, radiant look; moisturizing ingredients to effectively protect and soothe the skin.

A fresh, unburdened texture that blends quickly into the skin for long-lasting comfort. In fact, it is mainly soft and does not hurt the skin. Containing prism powder, it can accurately lock dark spots, modify acne marks and large pores to create a perfect natural covering effect. It also contains moisturizing ingredients to make the skin more transparent and more aesthetic.

Concealer helps you create a perfect skin. Conservative age secrets

Dior Dior Creaming Concealer Concealer 275RMB / 10ml

Product Features: Specially contains 45% mineral water, holding makeup for up to 6 hours, silky and light texture is almost comparable to eye cream. The skin is extremely high, and it is able to perfectly decorate the enamel while presenting a natural makeup effect. In an instant, the traces of exhaustion are swept away, and the beauty of the skin is natural and natural. >>> acne has disappeared and the silk has successfully counterattacked

Dior's gel-friendly moisturizing concealer contains 45% mineral water, concealing effect is good, and absorption is faster. It can modify the flaws on the face a lot, showing the natural makeup effect. Sweep away fatigue, showing fresh and shiny.

Concealer helps you create a perfect skin. Conservative age secrets

Laroche posay daily isolation moisturizing concealer

Product Features: Patented technology wheat color filter full-wavelength sunscreen isolation system, highly resistant to UVA damage, the index completely exceeds the standard. Contains a unique La Roche-Posay hot spring water that soothes anti-inflammatory, anti-free radicals and promotes wound healing. Contains no fragrance, no sensitization, no acne formula, passed the Asian skin tolerance test. Incorporating the concept of optical refraction, using the technique of painting transparent painting, the skin complements the color to reduce the flaws, perfectly covering the skin and pigmentation, and the skin is naturally bright and healthy. Designed for Asian skin, it has a unique refreshing moisturizing texture that instantly blends with the original complexion, concealing and long-lasting moisturizing, leaving a long-lasting effect.

Essential cosmetics:
First, eye cream.
This is what we use every day. It is a care and protection for the delicate skin on the eyes. It can also be used to make a pre-makeup care on the skin of the eyes before we make up.
Covers pigmentation and uneven skin tone around the eyes. So that the eyeshadow can show its color, it can show the layering and gradation of the eyeshadow cleanly when drawing.
Third, sponge puff.
For the makeup around the eyes, you must use a sponge puff. You can evenly press the loose powder around the eyes. Because the makeup requirements of the eyes are longer, the makeup is the key.
Fourth, thin eyeliner.
Find a thin eyeliner to complete the outline of the eyeliner. The texture of the eyeliner used for different makeup is different, but whether it is powder, cream or liquid, do not use thick lines. Will affect the delicate sense of makeup, and feel that Eye Makeup cannot be integrated.
Fifth, a color Eye Shadow tri-color powder.
The three colors are chosen to create a sense of layering and gradation. The lightest one is used as the base, and the closer to the eyelashes, the deeper the color will be.
6. Eye shadow stick or eye shadow brush.
In general, the eye shadow can be used with an eye shadow stick, depending on personal habits, some people prefer to use a brush, or they prefer to use a finger.
Seven, eyelash curler.
It is best to prepare two types of eyelash curlers, one is our ordinary eyelash curler, and the other is a local clip, which can be clipped to the corner or the place where the ordinary clip does not tilt.
Eight or two mascaras.
Two types are also used. One is slightly sticky, which is used to brush the roots and waist of the eyelashes, which is where the clips are clamped. The other is to brush the eyelashes slightly. Just brush evenly.
Essential tools:
First, Makeup Tools
1, sponge: used to apply foundation. There are generally round, triangular and cylindrical (conical) shapes. The round sponge is characterized by a slightly hard texture and large area, which is suitable for basking on a large area on the forehead and cheeks. The other two textures should be more detailed, suitable for partial priming at the corners of the eyes, nose and mouth. Using different shaped sponges to make the base makeup more detailed.
2. Puff: Round puff and honey powder brush are commonly used. Round puffs also come in many sizes. Large powder puff is suitable for large area use, small powder puff is suitable for partial makeup. The powder brush is a large cylindrical brush, which is the largest of Makeup Brushes. Smearing powder on the face and sweeping it on the face can evenly sweep the powder onto the face, the effect is more natural.
3, blush brush: slightly smaller than the honey powder brush, there are bevel and flat two, the top of the bristles are semi-circular. The bevel is suitable for the modification of T-shaped and cheekbones, also called facial contour brush. Large brushes can be used for large areas to paint and brush away excess powder.
Eye makeup tools
1. Eyebrow plucking: Trim the shape of the eyebrows by removing the excess hair on the eyebrows. By pulling the eyebrows, the hairs grow out more slowly and the eyebrows remain longer.
2, eyebrow trimmer: used to trim the shape of the eyebrows and remove large areas of hair, fast and painless.
3, eyebrow trimmer: trim eyebrows that are too short. Eyelash curler: used to make the eyelashes curl. If the eyelashes are not easy to shape, use an electric eyelash curler.
4, eyebrow brush: most of the hard brush made of nylon or artificial fiber with oblique brush head. You can use the eyebrow brush to trim the eyebrows before trimming and thrushing. After the eyebrows, swipe the eyebrows in the direction of the eyebrows to make the eyebrows look natural and the eyebrows shape.
5, Eyebrow Pencil: makeup tools that everyone is familiar with, used to improve the shape of the eyebrows. Skilled sisters have also started using eyebrow powder.
6, eyebrow powder brush: The brush head is inclined and flat, in addition to taking the eyebrow powder to draw a suitable and clear eyebrow shape, used to draw eyeliner is also easy to grasp.
7, false eyelashes: a great weapon to enhance the charm of the eyes! There are more and more shapes.
8. Eyeshadow Brush: a flat-bodied round head brush, which is divided into large, medium and small. The large one is generally used to apply the background color. It can evenly apply the color at a time to cover the entire eye socket position. Can be drawn carefully, used to draw eyeliner more accurately. More suitable for powdery eyeshadow.
9, eye shadow stick: a bit similar to a cotton swab, used for partial color and multi-color eye shadow smudge, can make eye makeup natural. It can also be used for germanium gel and creamy eyeshadows. The elliptical head is suitable for coloring and spreading over a large area, and the pointed eye shadow stick is suitable for small area drawing.
10, eyeliner: used to draw eyeliner, can make the outline of the eye more clear. Some sisters who are more proficient in makeup techniques use eyeliner to draw eyeliner.
11, eyeliner brush: the shape is a bit similar to the lip brush, but the brush head is more delicate and the hair is softer, suitable for eyeliner.
12, eyelash brush: Some looks like a small comb, while others are similar to the mascara brush head, spiral. After applying the mascara, use it to brush away the mascara that sticks together to make the lashes look more neat.
Third, lip makeup tools
Lip Brush: The hair is stiffer, so you can easily control the brush point. Whether using lipstick or Lip Gloss , using a lip brush can help you draw detailed lines and modify the shape of your lips.

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