Control technology of poor adhesion of four-layer corrugated board

The corrugation of the four-layer corrugated cardboard has a layer of corrugated core paper, and a layer of glue is also coated between the two layers of corrugated core paper, which increases the hardness and thickness of the double-layer corrugated core paper after drying, so it is more than the same thickness The strength of the three-layer corrugated board has more than doubled.

1. The main points of four-layer corrugated cardboard bonding

(1) When the corrugated core paper is compounded, the coating glue will increase the moisture content of the corrugated core paper. After the adhesive is dried, the embrittlement of the corrugated core paper should be prevented to prevent embrittlement. Therefore, the one with less moisture content, slow permeability and easy uniform coating The adhesive for corrugated core paper compound is very important.

(2) On the premise of satisfying the bonding strength after compounding, the amount of glue should be as small as possible.

(3) Before corrugating, it is also important to control the humidity of the corrugated core paper after compounding. If the humidity is too high, it will not only affect the molding, but also cause degumming during compounding; if the humidity is too low, it will make the corrugated peak brittle and break when the corrugated molding is bent.

(4) The corrugated type of the four-layer corrugated board should be specially calculated and designed by a professional roll manufacturer according to the thickness of the two-layer corrugated core paper and the layer of glue to produce the ideal corrugated board.

(5) When processing four-layer corrugated cardboard on a vacuum adsorption single-sided machine, pay attention to adjusting the adsorption system (position, gap and air volume of the adsorption hood and corrugated roller) and heating system; the composite corrugated core paper requires higher The temperature can only transfer heat to Lengfeng to meet the requirements of gelatinization temperature. The thickness of the thickened corrugated core paper will become larger, and it is easy to detach from the corrugated roller after forming, affecting the glue coating and compounding, and causing quality problems such as high and low corrugation, collapse, degumming and "fungus edge". And the negative pressure and heating temperature can ensure the smooth glue compound after the corrugated cardboard is formed.

2. The relationship between speed and cardboard quality

(1) The most stable and economical speed of the production line should be the ideal adjustment speed.

(2) The strength and humidity of the paper should be suitable for the vehicle speed.

(3) The fluctuation of vehicle speed will affect the humidity control of the paper. The more stable the vehicle speed, the more stable the humidity control of each layer of paper, and the more stable the quality of the cardboard. At this time, a good heating system is very necessary.

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