Defense + repair protects you from the harsh winter

Everyday urban skin responds to pressure from all sides, the oxidation of free radicals, the toxins produced by its own metabolism, and the sensitivity of environmental changes. The pollution caused by the heating season is undoubtedly buried for the already fragile skin. With a time bomb, if you don't want your skin to suffer from such oppression, you should quickly respond to it, "defense + repair", and come up with a complete skin rescue strategy.

Defense + repair

Step1. Intensive protection

In a polluted environment, the most intensive protection work is to protect against UV and dust damage to the skin, minimizing the chance of contaminants coming into contact with the skin, such as applying a barrier cream or a film-forming UV protection. product.

In general, the cream contains some foundation-based granules, which not only helps to polish the base, but also minimizes the damage of the makeup to the skin. This effect also applies to other dust pollutants such as PM2.5.

Step2. Deep cleaning

Cleaning is a critical step in opening a skincare routine, and a good cleansing product requires only one feature, which is to wash your face. The cleansing lotion used for cleaning is preferably a foaming type cleansing surface with a slightly cleansing power, so that the rich and dense foam generated during the cleansing process can thoroughly penetrate the pores to remove the oxidized dirt and excess sebum.

If you live in a very polluted area, it is best to use cleansing oil to cleanse your skin before cleansing, whether or not you have makeup before going out in the morning. This is to prevent the adhesion of highly contaminated substances from being completely washed.

Step3. Relieve skin emotions

Stress can cause sensitive skin tension. Similarly, dust pollutants in the atmosphere contain some bacteria in addition to metal substances, which may cause skin sensitivity or inflammation.

In a highly polluted environment, it is best to buy a bottle of anti-allergic and soothing products, such as those containing myrrh, alcohol, or licorice extract, and use it every morning and night.

Step4. Clear skin

Contamination will make the skin become dull and dull, so in addition to the most basic protection and moisturizing, the net turbidity is also a daily skincare course, especially in the golden time of skin metabolism in the evening. Using such products can make More thorough detoxification of the skin.

There are many ingredients for detoxification. They can restore the vitality of the skin from different angles, such as red pomegranate, yam, gentian root, grape seed and other plant extracts. By enhancing the skin's immunity, strengthening the horny barrier, neutralizing freedom. The base makes the skin more shiny. >>> Baby face Lin Zhiying's mysterious myth

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