Environmental and matching of branded and non-brand sliding wardrobes

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The sliding door wardrobe is used frequently in daily life of the home. The standards of China's brand wardrobe enterprises are generally higher than the national standards, and the environmental protection level is no exception. The formaldehyde emission level of the wardrobe products is E1 grade, that is, the formaldehyde emission amount is 1.5mg/L. This standard is basically the residential safety and environmental protection grade. A small number of excellent companies, product environmental protection level has reached and exceeded EO-level environmental standards, E0 level is the highest level of the most safe formaldehyde emission level.

Sliding door wardrobe

Environmental and matching of branded and non-brand sliding wardrobes


The excellent wardrobe brand is very sophisticated in the processing technology, and the internal auditing standards are strict, and the cost will not be sacrificed at the expense of product quality.


Most of the sliding door wardrobe profiles are silicon, titanium and magnesium alloys. When you buy, you must first look at the wall thickness, and the brand sliding door wardrobe can reach 1.2mm. Secondly, looking at the cut surface, the cut surface of the high-quality profile is even and even, while the inferior profile has insufficient hardness and is easily deformed, and the cut surface is rough and uneven. Optional sliding door, the pulley is one of the most critical components, the high-quality pulley is made of hard glass fiber, high strength, high hardness, smooth with the wheel center, no abnormal sound when pushing and pulling; non-brand sliding door pulley and upper and lower rail fit Not tight, there is a swaying phenomenon, the hardness is not strong enough, it is easy to damage the deformation, and the push and pull is not smooth and there is a sound. Then look at the door panel material, the brand door panel is full of vivid color, strong texture, no bubble or burrs and other texture phenomena, glass, MDF and other door panel materials are selected from the raw materials supplied by well-known domestic suppliers.

design service

The excellent design gives the soul of the product to the world, and the matching of the sliding door and the wardrobe is not as simple as the market uploads. The design of leading brands will take into account many factors such as fashion, practicality and economy, paying attention to the overall style and reflecting the humanization of the home. Service is also a topic that everyone is very concerned about. The three-point product is installed in seven points. The quality of the installation directly affects the practical effect of the product and even the practical life. The custom wardrobe products especially emphasize the rigor of size and installation error. The brand company has strict implementation. And acceptance criteria, rather than brand companies often do not pay attention to the installation process. In addition, the completion of the after-sales service system is also a reference point for consideration; then there are some personalized services.


Price is always the biggest concern of everyone. The retail price of large brand sliding door products usually ranges from 400-1000 yuan. The retail price of motherboards used in wardrobes and custom closets is 200-220 yuan. Even if the manufacturers let the sales promotion, the price cuts usually do not exceed 20%; the price of miscellaneous products To be much lower, the sliding door price is 130 yuan - 200 yuan, the price of the wardrobe is 130 yuan / up and down, but the quality, environmental protection, service and other aspects are not guaranteed.

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