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In the game between imported furniture and domestic furniture, experts remind consumers that they will not feel comfortable after choosing wooden furniture. They think that natural environmental protection is not the case. There are many factors that affect the environmental protection of furniture. If you don't pay attention, the "murderer" lurking in the furniture will sneak out and expose the environmental protection of furniture. For more information, please stay tuned to http:// Xianghe Furniture City official website

The insiders suggest that when customizing furniture, we must first choose a regular manufacturer with a certain reputation. When selecting materials, manufacturers can generally provide small samples for customers to choose. After selection, it is best to take a piece home for delivery. When compared. In the whole process of furniture production, it is necessary to fully communicate with the manufacturers. After the furniture is delivered, it is necessary to inspect the goods carefully. In addition to requiring the surface of the furniture to be smooth and smooth, the corners, backboards, etc. that cannot be seen should be carefully checked, and the touch can be touched by hand. Open all drawers and doors and smell if there is any smell.
Latent murderer 1: more heavyweight rubber
Many consumers believe that wood products are natural materials, so they are more environmentally friendly, especially some solid wood furniture, which is regarded as a model of environmental protection, but in fact it is not. Some insiders told reporters: "In fact, many consumers have misunderstood the understanding of solid wood furniture. Solid wood furniture is not pure solid wood, but the main frame of furniture is pure solid wood, and some auxiliary parts such as drawers, partitions, etc. In fact, it is still made of wood board or composite board. Of course, this kind of board will contain a certain amount of glue, and this is also the hiding place where formaldehyde is the most concentrated. Because of the existence of these boards, if it is not properly selected, Solid wood furniture will also have a phenomenon of excessive formaldehyde."
So the solid wood furniture is so, how should the plate furniture with the plate as the main structure handle the harmful gas exceeding the standard? According to industry experts, “Under the same conditions, the plate with higher environmental performance must have less glue. If two plates of the same volume are used, the environmental protection must be guaranteed to use the same tree species. Large particles also represent a large contact surface and a relatively small amount of glue used. The lighter weight (because it is the original taste and weight of the wood). The relatively heavy one is naturally added too much. Formed by the glue."
Latent murderer 2: paint should be alert to the use of engineering paint
Newly sent furniture, what are you most worried about? Perhaps many people will have the impression that the smell of new furniture is much stronger than the sample. Sometimes a new small wardrobe may make the whole room full of irritating smell. This is the VOC and formaldehyde in the paint. Waiting for harmful gases. A paint agent told reporters that because the furniture has much higher requirements on the color, water resistance, saturation, transparency and adhesion than the wall paint, the traditional furniture painting must use paint, and the chemical of the paint The volatile components are more toxic and more volatile, which becomes a serious carrier for the excessive consumption of harmful gases in furniture. One of the more accepted practices in the industry is the use of water-based paints, which are mainly replaced by water, banana water. Water-based materials are non-toxic, while banana water is a well-known toxic chemical component; water-based materials volatilize only water, not chemical components, by which the harmful gases in the paint are resolved.
Of course, in recent years, many consumers choose to buy finished furniture in order to buy environmentally friendly products, but in fact some unscrupulous manufacturers use engineering paints for ordinary furniture in order to pursue profits, which is undoubtedly for consumers. Safety lays a huge hidden danger, so it is best to choose products with high brand credibility and high recognition when purchasing finished furniture.
Latent murderer three: superimposed effect per unit area
The materials used are absolutely green and the paint used will not be a problem, but why is the final indoor air test still not up to standard? The person in charge of the engineering department of a decoration company introduced: When purchasing furniture or selecting plates, consumers should consider the use of space, paint usage, furniture usage and fabrics. The more materials used, the more likely it is to cause The greater the amount of harmful gas released per unit area, the worse the environmental friendliness of indoor air. If a certain material is accumulated in a large area per unit area, it may cause excessive levels of harmful gases in the area, so the decoration is full. Considering the practicality, it is also necessary to minimize the amount of material used, so as to effectively control the release of harmful gases. If a large amount of materials must be used, the environmental performance of each material should be more stringent.
It is understood that many brands now emphasize the use of imported plates, which adds a lot of cost. After the market became cold, many manufacturers returned the domestic plates. The salesman said: "The price of domestically produced plates is affordable and can attract the attention of many people. Customers can buy branded furniture and get benefits, plus many stores will do some activities on weekends. Many customers are willing to choose this time to buy. Furniture."
For more information, please stay tuned to http:// Xianghe Furniture City official website

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