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At present, the network infrastructure of various schools in the education industry has entered the fast lane and entered a period of rapid development, and the digital campus is coming to us. In the virtual age, different objects, different organizations, different enterprises, and different groups have their own difficulties. The education industry needs to use high-efficiency computing services and solutions. Therefore, solution providers are required to follow a three-high standard, that is, high performance, high availability, and high security. At present, the main task of the school is how to make the most of the servers running on the network, how to conveniently manage and configure the servers, and to use these server resources safely, reasonably and efficiently to become the primary task of network center administrators.

With the deepening of informatization construction, the construction of the education industry data center is increasingly becoming a hot spot in the field of college informatization. The data density of campus application systems is getting higher and higher, the number of server storage is increasing, the network architecture is expanding, the space layout, system wiring, and the pressure of power consumption are increasing. In this era of virtualization, the education industry is facing many challenges. System performance, security, reliability, scalability, etc. all urgently need to be integrated and optimized. This also allows colleges and universities to more clearly recognize the need for centralized data, centralized IT infrastructure, and centralized services. At present, the main problem in the construction of data centers in the education industry is to build systems by application. The mainframe, storage and other system components are different. The application software used is developed on different platforms. Regardless of whether it is in an information center, campus website, electronic reading room, or laboratory, there are all kinds of problems that make unified management and deployment difficult. When managing and maintaining a large number of servers, it faces problems such as complex system management, low resource utilization, and difficulty in security control and data backup. How to solve the above problems has become a key consideration in the construction and operation of data centers.

Beijing Fangwu Software is committed to research, promotion and development of virtualization technology, and is the first domestic independent research and development virtualization overall solution provider. In order to simplify and accelerate the implementation of various heterogeneous informatization software in the education industry, Fangwu applies virtualization technology to the construction of industry data centers, which can better solve a series of problems facing the current data center. Provides a new solution for data center server deployment. By deploying a virtualized server virtualization solution, the school can obtain the following benefits:

1. High availability: The virtualization solution of the square object server uses dynamic migration, HA and other technical means to ensure that all businesses can obtain high availability and business continuity guarantee. Even if a virtual machine or a physical server fails, the system can immediately sense , And quickly switch the business system to the virtual machine of the backup server to ensure that the business system is not interrupted.

2. Business data and information security: The Fangwu server virtualization solution ensures the security of business data and information by means of virtual machine isolation, user rights management, and logging, and prevents the leakage of confidential information. On the one hand, users cannot access data and information beyond their authority. On the other hand, the user's operations are recorded in the system log, allowing administrators to discover and track illegal acts of attempting to steal secrets in time, and take preventive measures in advance.

3. Integration of the number of servers: By moving the business system from the physical server to the virtual machine, Fangwu can greatly reduce the number of business system servers of the institute from the current 8 to 2; even if there are more in the future The business system only needs to add a virtual machine on the existing server to run smoothly, and at the same time obtain high availability technical guarantees such as dynamic migration and HA;

4. Improve IT operation and maintenance efficiency: Through the implementation of the virtual server virtualization solution, you can speed up the deployment of new servers and applications, greatly reducing server reconstruction and application loading time; at the same time, because the virtual machine can be quickly migrated and backed up, IT hardware maintenance Work becomes simple. Previously required several days / weeks of change management preparation and 1-3 hours of maintenance window work, and now it is possible to carry out rapid hardware maintenance and upgrades with zero business interruption.

Using virtualization, the education industry can save a lot of equipment replacement costs, all tasks are simply completed, this simplicity directly means cost savings. The data is fully integrated to build a highly available management system, bringing a new application experience to all users in the education industry, allowing each application system to be effectively protected, and greatly improving the security of data management. Fangwu virtualization makes everything simple, and the virtualization solution in the education industry is yours.

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