FCL compression tester operation plan

FCL Tester Operation Plan Introduction:

1 .    Power switch: for switching the machine

2 .    Zeroing: Used to clear the test result on the display and clear the saved test value to facilitate the next test and save the test result.

3 .     Peak: Press the peak value before testing to retain the maximum value. If it is not pressed, it cannot be retained. Note: Do not press the peak value when doing the stacking test.

4 .     Function: used to adjust the date, time, set value and stacking settings, press the button after the test to save the data to facilitate printing.

5 .     Unit conversion: Convert power units KG , LB , N. Three can be arbitrarily selected. If the test result is 100KG , click this button to automatically convert to LB or N

6 .     FCL compression tester : Press this key before test to test speed. High speed: refers to the fastest speed of this instrument

7 . Rise, fall, stop: After the power is turned on, the stop button lights, press the up or down button to start the motor into the test.

     Print: Press this key to print the reserved data. Note: Stacked test values ​​cannot be printed

8. Do not allow direct contact with the upper and lower pressure plates, or test with metal-type test pieces. When you encounter an emergency, press the emergency stop button to stop the instrument and proceed.

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