Four new Chinese style wardrobes recreate the beauty of the East

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] The composition of the Chinese style is mainly reflected in the traditional furniture, decorations and black and red-based decorative colors. The interior adopts a symmetrical layout, which is elegant in style, simple in style and rich in color. New Chinese style wardrobes , you deserve it.

Bedroom area : 14m2-18m2

Reference price : 15000 yuan -18,000 yuan

Chinese style home furnishing

The brown-red wood grain gives a mature and stable feeling. The blue wallpaper matches the entire background wall of Chinese painting. It looks calm and has connotation. It has an ancient cultural atmosphere. The red of Chinese wood matches the typical decoration of ancient times, so that the whole Space has a long history of culture.

Bedroom area : less than 12m2

Reference price : 15000 yuan -18,000 yuan

New Chinese style wardrobe

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Using the Chinese wood with a Chinese taste as the plate, combined with the craftsmanship of the classic masking art, the use of cultural traditions combined with modern fashion methods can not only greatly enhance the temptation of Chinese charm.

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