Glass bottle packaging products how to reflect the noble temperament

Relevant person in charge of GPI explained that glass continues to convey the message of quality, purity and product protection – three key factors for manufacturers of cosmetics and skin care products. And the decorated glass will further enhance the impression that the product is high-end. The brand's influence on cosmetics counters is expressed through the shape and color of the products, because they are the primary factors consumers first see. Moreover, since the product features in the glass package are unique shapes and vivid colors, the package acts as a quiet advertiser.
Glass has been widely used in high-end cosmetic packaging. Beauty products packaged in glass embody the quality of the product, and the heavier the glass, the more luxurious the product feels—perhaps it's the consumer's opinion, but it's true. According to the Washington Glass Packaging Association (GPI), many companies that use organic or fine ingredients in their products are using glass to package their products. According to GPI, because the glass is inert and not easily penetrated, these packaged formulations ensure that the ingredients remain intact and maintain the integrity of the product.
Product manufacturers are constantly trying to find special shapes that allow their products to stand out from the competition. Coupled with the versatility of glass and eye-catching decorative technology, consumers will always reach out to touch or hold makeup and skin care products in glass packaging. Once the product is in their hands, the opportunity to purchase this product increases immediately.

How can we do it?

The efforts made by manufacturers behind such decorative glass containers are often taken for granted by end consumers. A perfume bottle is beautiful, of course, but what makes it so attractive? There are a variety of methods, and there are countless ways that cosmetic suppliers, Beauty Packaging, can do it.

AQL, New Jersey, USA has now introduced glass packaging for screen printing, mobile printing and PS labels using the latest UV-curable inks (UVinks). According to the company’s related marketing executives, they usually provide a complete set of services to create a unique look of packaging. UV curable inks for glass avoid the need for high temperature annealing and provide a virtually unlimited color range. An annealing furnace is a heat treatment system, basically an oven with a conveyor moving through a central part. This article is sourced from China's largest bottle trading website, Zhonghua Packaging Bottle Network. The central location is used in decorative glass. Cured dry ink. For ceramic inks, temperatures of up to about 1400 are required. F degrees, while organic ink is about 350. F. Such glass annealing furnaces are often about six feet wide, at least sixty feet long, and consume a lot of energy (natural gas or electricity). The latest UV-curing inks use UV light to cure; and this can be done at the end of the production line in printing machines or small ovens. With only a few seconds exposure time, much less energy is needed.

Saint-Gobain Desjonqueres, France, offers the latest technology in glass decoration. Among them are laser decorations that involve the vitrification of enamel materials onto glass materials. After the bottle is sprayed with enamel, the laser fuses this material to the glass in the selected design. The excess enamel is washed away. The important advantage of this technique is that it can also decorate parts of the bottle that have not been treated so far, such as raised and recessed parts and lines. It also makes it possible to sketch complex shapes and offers a wide variety of colors and tactile sensations.

Lacquering includes spraying a varnish. After this treatment, the glass bottle is sprayed as a whole or in part (with a cover). Then they are annealed in a drying oven. Varnish provides a wide variety of finish options, including clear, matte, opaque, shiny, matte, multicolored, fluorescent, phosphorescent, metallized, and interfering. (interferential), pearlescent, and metallic light.

Other new decorative options include new inks with helical or prismatic effects, new surfaces with skin-like touch, new holograms with holographic or glitter, and glass fused to glass, And a new hot blue color (thermoluster color).

Relevant person in charge of the US Heinz Glas said that the company can provide screen printing (organic and ceramic) for adding names and patterns to perfume bottles. Pads are suitable for uneven or multiple-radius surfaces. Acid etching produces a frosting effect on glass bottles in an acid bath, while organic spraying coats the glass bottles with one or more colors. After the organic printing or the organic spraying (because the ceramic curing temperature is too high, the ceramic ink cannot be coated after the organic treatment), the hot stamping process coats the glass bottle with a mirror-reflective name or pattern. Sandblasting provides a name or image of the frosting effect on the glass bottle part. The use of aluminum and titanium vacuum metallized glass bottles produces a mirror-like reflection effect on the whole or part of the outside of the bottle. Recently Victoria'sSecret took advantage of the company's titanium plating process to create a sparkling gold effect for VerySexyNOW Eau De Toilette Spray.

Some experts also believe that the most popular trend in glass decoration is still organic spray. For example, Elizabeth Arden's Britney SpearsFantasy perfume bottle has a metallic sheen of purple that is obtained using the spray color process. The industry believes that most customers are still using frosted glass bottles, because it can hide the defects on the glass.

Fashion packaging

IseauMiyake-BPI's EauD'IsseyCollector, a men's light perfume, is packaged in an oval glass bottle with a rounded front panel and a narrow side. The decorative features on the new bottle are a enamel vitrification laser technology unique to Saint-Gobain Desjonquéres. Its design was inspired by the mapping on the winter lake surface - the concentric lines on the vitreous silver enamel reflect the outward expansion of the surface ripples. This visual effect, combined with the unique rough/smooth feel of the bottle, adds an elegant feel and enhances the impact of the material.

Hermés's Terred'Hermés is also decorated by Saint-Gobain Desjonquéres. It features an impressive rectangular design on a large piece of glass with a wide flat panel. The orange screen-printed word "Terred'Hermés" is adorned in front of the jar, and highlights the "H" of Hermés that is engraved into the jar's base. The lotion and aftershave bottle are frosted glass.

The American Glass Packaging Association also believes that another glass decoration trend is to extend the brand through color. For example, Estée Lauder's DKNY'sBeDelicious was originally packaged in a light green glass bottle. In line with last year's Valentine's Day and Father's Day promotions, Estée Lauder relaunched red and amber glass bottles. RalphLauren's PoloCologne also hopes to build brand equity through its Polo-signed green bottle. It launched a dark blue bottle under the name PoloBlue and defined it as a cologne fragrance for men in casual chic style.

Saint-Gobain Desjonqueres also decorated KenzoAmour from KenzoLVMH.

This series of products have different colors for different sizes of packaging: purple (30mL), off-white (50mL), and orange (100mL). The four layers are painted for complete opacity, and the last layer also produces an attractive, irregular texture called “effetdevie”.

The shape of the bottle symbolizes a bird, symbolizing the romantic aroma and the concept of tourism. It has a round base.
Saint-Gobain also made glass-wrapped decorations for Nina from NinaRicci. This apple-shaped bottle features a slightly concave, bottleneck with a silvery leafy ring. The lacquered process gives the apple a purple/pink hue. The second layer of random coating adds a “girlish flush” effect to the package.

Cosmetic and skincare packaging designs are often brought into other industries. As the cosmetics industry is the leader in high-end glass packaging design, the wine industry will follow their leadership by adopting special molds for cosmetics and using them to launch high-end liquors. But now, we can also see that the cosmetics industry has begun to learn from other industries.

The problem behind the surface

Although glass is an attractive packaging material, it can give the product a quality message that cannot be conveyed by other types of materials, but there are still some difficulties in packaging cosmetics with glass. For example, adhesion and wear resistance, especially for perfume packaging. Problems with glass surface inconsistencies can also occur. Some experts also pointed out that all glass surfaces are very uneven, and since glass is often more expensive, scratching is a problem and special packaging is required to avoid wear. In addition, glass is also very expensive, so transportation costs are also high.

Ink and new, more effective application technologies that are just entering the market will allow packaging developers and marketers to bring glass packaging to a new level. Some experts also believe that the four-color process using UV-curing inks, innovative spraying techniques and coatings, and wider application of multiple processes are the future trends, and servo-driven printing and labeling technology will completely automate the decoration around the shape of the container.

Reprinted Source: China Packaging Bottle Net

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