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【Abstract】 Nowadays, more and more people like to put a few pots of plants at home. In addition to looking pleasing to the eye, placing plants at home can also purify indoor air. But it is well known that green plants emit oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide during the day; at night, they inhale oxygen and emit carbon dioxide. In this way, will it cause pollution to some extent? So, do not put plants in the room? What to put? How much? It is a topic worthy of our attention. Hanbang Shenyun Furniture http://hbsy.cnjiaju.com/Share.

Landscape decoration, home furnishings indoor plants should pay attention to the indoor plants can be divided into "sports" and "scented", the former is a common green evergreen plant, the latter is a special plant such as cactus. In Yangzhai, the "gas field" of plants can complement humans and can be divided into foliage plants and flowering plants. In general, the office is more suitable for large foliage plants, and private desks can be used to place small evergreen plants.
The foliage plants, which are dominated by lush long green leaves, are "introverted" and can transform the poor "gas" in the room. In terms of scientific theory, green plants spit oxygen to absorb carbon dioxide, replacing the indoor air with a new one, and the gas field is of course good. Business people can put some evergreen plants in the financial position, such as accounting department, cash register, safe deposit box, etc. In general, the paperworker puts a green bamboo pot on the table, which is to seek fame.
Suitable for water-reducing plants or high-stem plants, such as water-rich bamboo, evergreen, rich trees, or tall iron trees, money rafts, etc. Because these places generally have wind blowing, the air is very fluid, with trees and water, which is good for maintaining the humidity and temperature balance of the room.

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Botanical Extracts (Herb extracts) refers to the ingredients extracted or processed from plant (all or a portion of the plant) by suitable solvents or methods. They can be used in the pharmaceutical, food, health, beauty and other industries.

We source and supply these ingredients of plant (botanicals) primarily to specialty food and nutritional industries. We are steadfast and committed to our sales support, research and development of any botanical we supply. We have perpetual inventory and we choose to "optimize" formulations with our clients.

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