How to select the center of the wood segment when the board rotates

Generally wood segments have sharpness and curvature. Therefore, before the rotary cutting into a cylinder, the obtained single board (the length of the single board is smaller than the length of the wooden section) and the narrow long single board (the length of the board is equal to the length of the wooden section), and the wooden section is rotated into a cylinder, and then continues. Rotary cutting, in order to obtain a continuous strip of veneer, the last remaining is the wood core. The number of strip veneers is related to the diameter of the cylinder. For each piece of wood, the theoretical maximum diameter of the inscribed cylinder can be calculated according to its head diameter and curvature. In actual production, the diameter of the cylinder obtained by rotary cutting is always smaller than the diameter of the theoretical maximum inscribed cylinder of the wood segment. The reason for the number of broken veneers and narrow long veneers is that, on the one hand, the shape of the wooden segments is irregular, and on the other hand, due to the incorrect deviation of the centering and the upper wood, a continuous strip-shaped veneer should be obtained. Broken veneer and narrow long veneer. If the center-to-center deviation is the same, the smaller the diameter of the wood segment, the more the wood loss rate, and the more the number of broken veneers and narrow-length veneers obtained. Because the centering and the topping are not correct, not only the better sapwood veneer is lost, but also the work of drying the veneer, repairing and veneering the veneer is increased, and the wood is wasted, which increases the man-hour consumption. The continuation of the production process has increased the difficulty. Therefore, the correct determination of the center is of great significance for saving wood, improving quality and reducing costs.

The essence of the centering of the wood section is to accurately determine the center of rotation of the wood section on the rotary cutting machine, so that the cylinder obtained is the largest. Therefore, the operation of completing the coincidence of the center line of the wood segment and the center line of the largest inscribed cylinder is called centering. The manual centering error is large; the mechanical centering can increase the yield by about 2% to 4% than the manual centering; the computer scanning centering can increase the yield by 5% to 10%, and the whole veneer ratio can increase by 7%. ~15%, but the investment is larger. '

There are generally three methods for centering: 1 centering directly on the end of the wood section; 2 centering the section of the cylinder with the largest inscribed section; 3 using the projection of the wood section to find the maximum inscribed on the smallest inner closed curve round.

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