Japan successfully develops deep stamping paper and edible anti-corrosion paper

Japan's Nippon Paper Co., Ltd. has successfully developed deep stamping paper made from natural fibers. This stamping paper can be used for paper stamping dies. The stamped pattern or text is 5 to 10 times higher than that of plain paper. This product can use plastic mold as equipment to make stamping-type equipment without heating and softening before processing, which can reduce product cost, save energy consumption, and greatly increase production efficiency.

Edible anti-corrosion paper is another new product developed by the company. The production process is as follows: the base paper is first soaked in an ethanol solution containing 20% ​​succinic acid, 33% sodium succinate, and 0.07% sorbic acid, and then dried. The product can be used in food packaging with marinade and can be stored at 38°C for 3 weeks without deterioration.

Reprinted from: Paper Information

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