Kebic teaches you how to maintain the sewing machine

Sewing machine maintenance

Recently, we received a customer's sewing charter and found that external and internal rusted and seriously affected the use. Therefore, according to the customer's on-site environment, the following maintenance plan was formulated:

1, on the outside, can be sprayed with transparent paint, but only outside the site.

2. It is necessary to clean every day after work. It is recommended to use a clean cloth or air gun to clean it. The effect is better.

3, active parts, weekly lubricating oil.

4, weekly internal line cutting, clean.

4, motor: cooling hole position, sealed to prevent dust from entering.

5. After use, place it in a clean, dry cabinet.

Note: For the part pointed by the red arrow, it is recommended to lubricate and lubricate every other week.

The black arrows indicate that it is recommended to clean every day.

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