Life science: Which tea is delicious?

As one of the world's three major beverages, tea has an important place in people's lives. Especially in China, Chinese people love tea and it is loved to be in the bones. Tea has a long history and rich culture in China, and it has developed a variety of different categories. So, which kind of tea is delicious? Let's get to know each other below.

Green tea: Tea is a non-fermented tea. The fresh leaves are directly spread down to one or two Baidu hot pots to keep their green characteristics.

The main colors are: West Lake Longjing Tea, Biluochun Tea, Huangshan Maofeng Tea, Lushan Yunwu, Lu'an Guapian, Mengding Tea, Taiping Monkey Kui Tea, Guyu Zisun Tea, Xinyang Maojian Tea, Bamboo Leaf Green, Duyun Maojian, Pingshui Pearl Tea, Xishan Tea, Yandang Maofeng Tea, Huading Cloud Tea, Yongxi Huoqing Tea, Jingting Green Snow Tea, Emei Yurui Tea, Duyun Maojian Tea, Enshi Yulu Tea, Wuyuan Emei Tea, Yuhua Tea, Mo Dry yellow bud tea, Wushan Gaimi tea, Putuo Buddha tea.

2. Black tea: Black tea is the opposite of green tea, which is a kind of whole fermented tea (the degree of fermentation is more than 80%). The name of black tea is derived from its soup red.

The main colors are: Qimen black tea, blush, Yingde black tea, Zhengshan small black tea.

3. Black tea: Black tea was originally sold to the border area. Pu'er tea like Yunnan is one of them. Pu'er tea is made by pouring water on the already made green tea, and then fermenting it. Pu'er tea has the effects of lowering fat, losing weight and lowering blood pressure, and is popular in Southeast Asia and Japan. But really want to say that weight loss, the most significant effect is oolong tea.

4. Oolong tea: Oolong tea, also known as green tea, is a kind of semi-fermented tea between red green tea. Oolong tea is the most complicated and time-consuming in the six major types of tea, and the bubble method is also the most stressful, so drinking oolong tea is also known as drinking tea.

The main colors are: Wuyi Rock Tea, Anxi Tieguanyin, Phoenix Single Cong, Frozen Top Oolong Tea.

5. Yellow tea: The famous Junshan Yinzhen tea belongs to yellow tea. The method of making yellow tea is a bit like green tea, but the middle part needs a boring process.

The main colors are: Junshan Silver Needle, Lushan Maojian, Huoshan Yellow Bud, Huoshan Huangda Tea, etc.

6. White tea: White tea is mainly made by withering and drying. The shape, aroma and taste of white tea are very good.

The main colors are: white silver needles, white peony.

7. Chai-burning Tieguanyin is a fusion of traditional wood-burning techniques, that is, red bricks, iron-dish cooking, firewood, and firewood. It is hand-made with Tieguanyin, which has unique flavor and nutritional value. It is a fusion. The traditional craftsmanship, the most famous local tea. Of course, it is also a special tea that visitors from all over the world should not miss when visiting Xiamen Sea Garden.

   Compared with the ordinary Tieguanyin, the taste of Chaiburn Tieguanyin is more mellow and natural, and it also has a light woody incense, and the Guanyin rhyme is full. However, because it is purely hand-made, it takes a lot of manpower and material resources to produce. In addition, the production of Tieguanyin is basically mechanized. This kind of ancient method is less and less precious, and of course it is more precious.

   Which kind of tea is good to ask? Here I would like to say that each type of tea has its own unique charm, which is difficult to adjust. Different teas have different lovers. Therefore, if you find tea that suits your taste, then it is the best tea.


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