Look at the case study, the walk-in cloakroom is private and warm

[ Zhonghua Wardrobe ] I have seen many cases, and I am familiar with style, material and layout. How to choose modern style, to create a sense of luxury, how to start. The following modern luxury decoration case uses lacquered glass, marble, and wallpaper to create a luxurious and intimate modern style. In addition to the choice of these materials, the master bedroom also comes with a cloakroom, hidden behind the bedside wall. The space is not too big, indicating the couple use.

Modern cloakroom design

Design area : full open living room

Case Comment : The open-plan public space is bright and bright at the entrance and can be seen from the living room window.

Bedroom cloakroom storage

Design area : modeling ceiling restaurant

Case Comment : The arc-shaped ceiling corresponding to the dining table, the designer uses the interlacing and crystal lamps to express the warm atmosphere of the meal.

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