Low-carbon environmental protection becomes the focus of attention, how to build low-carbon furniture

The roof made of solar panels, the walls built of insulating materials, the surface of the wall to which fluorescent paint adheres, and the water-saving system for recycling... At the Shanghai World Expo, the “Zero-carbon Pavilion” from the UK was infinite. With the Copenhagen conference, “low carbon” has become a topic of common concern in all walks of life. Low carbon, environmental protection and energy saving have become common keywords for furniture companies. Low carbon is a life attitude and a life responsibility. We must do our best to make a little bit of life and make ourselves a member of low carbon benefits.

The low-carbon furniture standard "low-carbon furniture" is the first to use environmentally friendly materials, preferably natural environmentally friendly materials. Wood, rattan and bamboo are the most natural environmentally friendly materials. However, the deforestation of humans has caused damage to the ecological environment, especially for precious woods such as huanghuali and rosewood. Furniture made of these materials is expensive, but humans should protect it and cherish its existence. Rattan and bamboo are the best natural materials, especially rattan, which is recommended by the United Nations Environmental Protection Agency as a green and environmentally friendly living room material.

How to choose low carbon furniture

1. Smell: Entering the furniture store, we must first smell the smell of furniture. Is there a smell of formaldehyde? This is the most intuitive method. If the furniture is not environmentally friendly, it will be known, and the taste of ordinary solid wood furniture is wood. The original flavor of the fragrance, environmentally friendly furniture is generally water-based paint, and there is no pungent taste.

2, look: the general solid wood furniture can be seen on the naked eye, the wood's grain looks more natural, in addition to look at the furniture material, but also look at the various certificates of the business, whether it has passed the national environmental certification mark.

3, listen: Consumers can also knock on the furniture by hand, if it is solid wood material, the sound and other materials are also different, in addition to listen to the sales staff's introduction.

How to build low carbon furniture

When a series of cutting-edge concepts such as “low-carbon economy” and “low-carbon life” gradually entered the eyes of ordinary people, the word “low-carbon” could no longer escape to become a concept and goal of life and work. With the advent of the era of low-carbon economy, low-carbon homes have also received increasing attention from people. A “low-carbon” wind is quietly scraping into the furniture industry.

What is low carbon furniture? How to create low carbon furniture? What is the future development trend of the furniture industry under the low carbon economy? With these questions, we will talk about how to build low-carbon furniture.

First of all: raw material selection is the key

Low-carbon furniture is simply green and environmentally friendly. It means low energy consumption in the whole production process, low emission of harmful gases such as formaldehyde, good product quality, easy to recycle after disposal, etc. Application of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly technical materials is realized. The first measure of low carbon furniture. The future development trend of the furniture industry must be: low carbon, environmental protection and safety.

To ensure the quality of green and environmental protection of furniture, we must first eliminate unqualified products from the source, that is, strictly control the selection of raw materials, and select raw materials with good brand, good reputation, environmental protection and energy conservation, and must pass the authority department. Detection. In the past 10 years, the furniture industry has developed rapidly, but many companies are only prominent and quickly annihilated in the market. The reason is that they do not pay attention to the strict control of raw materials, and some even choose materials in the market at will.

Second: standardized production is the core

Furniture is closely related to people's daily life, involving everyone's healthy lifestyle. For furniture styles, people can have a variety of choices, but health and environmental protection is something everyone will choose.

Then, how to guarantee the quality of the product, that is, we must take the road of production standardization. Once the production has a standardization, it can be mass-produced, and the product quality can be guaranteed to be stable. Only when standardization is formed can the product go to the whole country and even the whole world.

Finally: Product safety will gain more and more attention

In view of the food safety problems that the media has been exposed to in recent years, furniture is also involved in a safety issue. However, people are still not aware of this issue at present. People will pay more and more attention to this problem in the morning and evening, such as the corners of furniture will hurt. The human body and furniture with glass are easily broken, causing safety hazards, material safety, etc. These all involve safety issues, especially in the elderly and children's rooms, and more attention should be paid to safety issues. In the production of furniture, these factors must be taken into account, in the design of furniture has a more humane concept, more than a few processes in the production to ensure the safe use of products, etc., in fact, this reflects the manufacturers to consumers Caring and responsible attitude.

In short, if the furniture industry wants to go far, it must take the road of branding, but to create a real furniture brand, enterprises need to work hard for a long time to form their own characteristics, in addition to continuous innovation in marketing means, the most The important thing is to build your own internal production process standardization and management links, as well as continuous improvement and innovation in design, to understand people's changing needs, and to take the road of humanization.

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