Maintenance of electric thermostatic water bath

Shanghai Bilang electric thermostat water bath maintenance.

1. When using the electric thermostatic water bath, you must first add the appropriate amount of clean tap water to the pot, or add hot water at the required temperature to shorten the heating time.

2. Turn on the power and select the temperature.

3. After the work is completed, the temperature control knob, the increase and decrease device are placed at the minimum value, and the power is cut off.

4. If you want the water temperature in the pot to reach 100 °C for boiling water, you can adjust the adjustment knob to the end point.

5, add water can not be too much, so as not to overflow the pot when boiling water,

6. The amount of water in the pot should not be less than one-half. Do not expose the heating tube to the surface of the water. In order to avoid burning, resulting in water leakage and leakage.

7. The three-eye socket must be effectively grounded when the product is used.

8. The inside and outside of the box should be kept clean and tidy.

9. If the indicator light is not lit, first turn off the power, unplug the plug and remove the plug-in board on the right side. If the fuse or the indicator bulb is damaged, replace it with the same specifications.

10. If the constant temperature control fails, the sensor on the controller is out of order and can be used after the exchange.

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