Man steals infusion bottles and violates regulations

“At that time, we were just visiting the Children’s Hospital and saw a man throw out some black plastic bags from the hospital.” An urban management team member said that when the police arrived, they opened the black plastic bag and found that all of them were infusion bottles. Disposable medical disposables such as syringes. When asked about the purpose of stealing these things, the man admits that this is all for selling to waste collection stations and earning a small amount of money.

According to the investigation, the man surnamed Shang was 40 years old this year and was from Jiangxi. In the Children's Hospital as a cleaner, I heard that medical waste can be sold for money, and I played a small calculation, but I did not want to be arrested.

Around 10 o'clock the evening before, the city’s administrative law enforcement officers stopped a man who had smuggled medical waste from the hospital at the intersection of Guangzhou Road and Qingdao Road in Nanjing . Since medical wastes may have germs, they must be collected and handled strictly in accordance with the relevant regulations, and the law enforcement team immediately warns.

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