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In the modern market, packaging has become almost an indispensable part of any product. Some of the most popular products in the world are also known worldwide for their packaging. Such as Kodak film packaging, Coca-Cola packaging. Including designing nature has also become an indispensable part of new product development.

1. The role of packaging

The effect of packaging on new products varies depending on the type of product, and some products (such as industrial consumables, hardware, etc.) are less important than others (cosmetics, gifts, etc.). In order to emphasize the importance of packaging, some management scholars call it the fifth P, which is another P in addition to the four Ps: Product, Price, Placement, and Promotion. . But most people still think it is part of the product. 

With the development of the commodity economy, the advancement of science and technology, the improvement of people’s purchasing power, the availability of markets, and the intensification of competition, packaging has become increasingly important. In addition to packaging is an indispensable part of the protection of products, well-designed packaging can give consumers the convenience of creating value, increase consumer satisfaction, at the same time, the design of effective packaging is an important medium for creators and distributors to promote products. 

With the development of marketing, packaging is playing an increasingly large promotional role, especially for the consumption of new products. The reasons are probably as follows:

(1) The emergence and increase of self-service sales. For example, in supermarkets, shopping malls, and other commercial enterprises, the sales methods are not introduced by sales personnel, but rely on self-introduction of products on the shelves. Therefore, product packaging, especially the packaging of new products that people do not yet understand, should attract customers to describe the products through the graphics on the packaging and give customers confidence in order to achieve sales. 

(2) People’s purchasing power and living standards improve. The increase in people’s income makes them willing to pay more for convenient purchases and easier portability of products. With the improvement of living standards, new material lifestyles (such as the storage of foods on refrigerators, the display and beautification of items on high-grade furniture, etc.) have also promoted the exquisite packaging to be more popular among consumers. 

(3) Increased competition makes packaging one of the means of marketing competition. 

From the analysis of why people place more emphasis on packaging, product development and product designers should establish new packaging concepts. Modern product packaging should accomplish more functions. 

(1) Protect the product. The protection function of packaging on products refers to the maintenance of product quality from the manufacturing plant to the consumer in all aspects of transportation, storage, and display, such as the preservation of fresh consumer goods, non-deterioration, non-corrosion and non-corrosion of industrial products. Wait. In addition, there is a role to prevent misuse. 

(2) Differentiate products. Packaging is one of the foundations of product differentiation. The use of unique packaging can make the product unique to other similar products, so that customers can distinguish and identify the company's products. For consumer products sold on retailer shelves, packaging is an important factor for customers to distinguish and select products. 

(3) promotional products. On the basis of differentiation, through the attractiveness of packaging design and layout graphics and texts, customers are interested in products, and then understand the basic characteristics of products and consumer interests, which are important factors in promoting and accelerating consumers' purchase decision-making process. 

(4) Easy to buy and use. Packaging allows customers to more easily carry, handle, store, and use the product from the time of purchase to the use of the product. 

The modern packaging concept is based on the three-level theory of the product, and considers that packaging is a part of the product composition. The packaging quality has an important promotional role for the product. 

2. Packaging Design

Packaging design refers to activities related to the formulation of manufacturing techniques for the various elements of product containers and housings. Packaging is generally divided into three layers: 1 basic packaging, that is, the direct container of the product; 2 the secondary packaging is the protective layer of the basic packaging of the product; 3 shipping packaging, that is, external packaging for storage, transportation, and goods. On some packaging layers there is usually a label, which is the text and illustration of the product concerned. The packaging design is to determine the manufacturing conditions of each element in the above package composition. 

The general requirements for packaging design are: First, to promote product sales, and second, to make packaging costs low. Promoting sales can not only focus on the exquisite packaging, but ignore the promise of the product. The most important decision in packaging design is the expression of the basic consumer benefits contained in the product and the promises that are closely related to product positioning. A good packaging design is to integrate the various elements of the packaging and to unite the product promise. Great care must also be taken to adapt the packaging design to the cultural background of the product market area, especially for products entering the international market. Packaging design must comply with the national regulations on packaging, such as the provisions of the Trademark Law on the name of the package, trademarks, labels; food hygiene laws and regulations on food packaging materials and sanitary conditions. The design elements of each element are as follows:

(1) Branding and Labeling. The brand name must occupy a prominent position on the packaging, the label should be eye-catching, and the text description should be short and easy to read. 

(2) Shape. The shape of the package should be conducive to handling, storage and display. Industrial packaging should fully consider the stability and safety of the transportation process. Convenience is the first important point in the design of packaging shapes, followed by aesthetics, such as the shape of perfume bottles, chemical bottles and soy sauce bottles. 

(3) Color and hue. Color is one of the tightest elements in product packaging that relates to sales incentives. The selection of colors should change with social awareness. It is necessary to meet the requirements of the cultural background of the market and, more importantly, the use of backgrounds, the composition and deployment of shades can enhance the promise of products. 

(4) with maps. Packaging is like a shelf advertisement for a product, and a matching picture is like a picture of the advertisement. In addition to being clear and easy to understand, the drawing on the package must also highlight the product positioning. 

(5) Materials. Developing and selecting new types of packaging is an important and often important task in packaging design. The development of a new type of packaging material can sometimes rejuvenate a weak product that is in recession. 

3. Packaging Research

After the completion of the new product packaging design, as with the physical characteristics of products, but also through a series of tests to study the effectiveness of design packaging. There are three types of tests that packaging studies usually perform:

(1) Engineering test. Determine the suitability of the package for normal use. 

(2) Visual test. Determine whether the packaging layout is easy to read, whether the hue is blended, and whether the total artistic effect is sufficiently attractive to the target customer. 

(3) Preference test. Can be done separately for consumers and middlemen to determine whether they meet their preferences for packaging. After the design of the equipment is completed, it is not once and for all, but on the contrary, it will change with the changes of the environment. Packaging research is the basis for improved packaging. 

The criteria for evaluating packaging design are:

(1) Visibility. Captivating ability. The more distinguishable the package is at various angles and light intensity, the better the visibility of the package. 

(2) Informational. The ability to package product information. Those who can transmit information in the shortest time are the most informative packaging. 

(3) Positioning. The degree of homogeneity of packaging and product positioning. The more representative of the product positioning package, the better the positioning. 

(4) Usability. Refers to the extent to which the packaging is convenient and available after the product is circulated, used, and used. The better the function is completed and the more the use, the better the availability. 

The above-mentioned performance indicators of the packaging can be studied in the laboratory, can also be measured in the real market, can be tested as a whole, and can also determine a certain element of the packaging. For example, what kind of association can be caused by the color of packaging in the North American common hyphenated test or attitude measurement. 

Measuring the packaging at the sales site is undoubtedly the more important packaging research method. However, this does not mean that the package design is directly inferred from the sales of the product, because the increase or decrease in sales volume is a comprehensive response to the marketing efforts of the enterprise to adapt to market conditions. Therefore, the effect of packaging can only be measured by the consumer's reaction to the package. To this end, companies must determine the effectiveness of the packaging during the trial sale period or the product input period, develop a special monitoring system to collect relevant data, and then the analysis and evaluation by the researchers. 

Reprinted from: China Planning Online

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