New selection of e-commerce for WeChat marketing cabinet enterprises

In recent years, with the rising costs of labor costs and material costs, cabinet companies have to consider a series of “throttle” measures. The low-carbon and environmentally-friendly e-commerce marketing models such as WeChat and Weibo have gradually caused The concern of cabinet companies. WeChat marketing is quietly spreading to the overall cabinet (the overall cabinet decoration renderings) industry in this traditional sales field, playing an important role in changing the marketing model of the cabinet.

New selection of e-commerce for WeChat marketing cabinet enterprises

WeChat marketing should be born in time

In recent years, although cabinet companies are still in the ascendant stage, they are inevitably affected and restricted by the social environment. This is a dangerous sign for companies when risks are ubiquitous and costs cannot be reduced and product sales are not going up. How to use the sales method of small investment and large return has become a problem that cabinet companies consider. The emergence of WeChat solved the problem of cabinet companies.

The QR code is one of the communication modes of the WeChat public platform. The emergence of QR codes is a creative revolution for the entire cabinet marketing industry, which has given new impetus to the marketing advertising and media communications industries. In the downturn of the market, WeChat, QR code, these low-cost, effective online marketing methods were quickly adopted by cabinet companies.

The existing communication methods of the cabinet enterprise public number mainly include drifting bottles, shaking, location signature, two-dimensional code, open platform, public platform, voice information, graphic information, and these methods all have one thing in common. It is especially suitable for "pushing information." From the current opening of WeChat enterprises, they will pull dealers into the WeChat camp, enterprises can let some key employees participate, set up a WeChat army of a company. Judging from the information released, brand information, industry information, corporate events, official websites, and promotional activities are all good platforms for corporate promotion, branding, and information push.

The difference between WeChat and Weibo marketing

Compared with Weibo marketing, WeChat's biggest feature is accuracy. Weibo marketing only needs to write 140 words, with a picture, or add a short link, and WeChat marketing needs content to carry the website, display the content that the enterprise requires to publish, for the fans to read in depth, or to host the website and collect user information. .

In addition, Weibo marketing focuses on content writing, and WeChat marketing focuses on user interaction. The characteristics of microblogging, the forwarding function allows a good segment to be matched with the "power" assistant, and may be turned tens of thousands of times a day, while WeChat is different, good segment, you don't think it will spread wildly. Because it is a closed one-to-one communication channel. What the cabinet brand has to do is to communicate and interact with fans for each fan and solve the fan problem. Weibo marketing is only spread by fans, while WeChat marketing focuses on deep user services. Weibo marketing earns forwarding volume and eyeballs, while WeChat marketing focuses on providing customer service.

Whether it is Weibo marketing or WeChat marketing method, cabinet companies in the marketing process have been transformed from the original "as far as possible to more people know" to "provide more products and services for the people in need." Cabinet companies can achieve maximum marketing results only through proper online marketing and delivery of brand information to truly demanding customers. WeChat is the prototype of this kind of precision marketing, which meets the requirements of enterprises for precision marketing.

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