New Sun Nutrition's New Recyclable Cans

New Sun Nutrition Company is a nutritional supplement, health food and beverage developer. On February 7, the company announced that it had officially reformulated its patented FRS (Free Radical Cleansing) antioxidant health drink and introduced it to the market in a beautiful new recyclable can package.

The new FRS beverage cans are available in both natural and low-calorie versions. They come in four flavors: Orange, Blue Plum, Pear Mango, and Citric Acid, all in a volume of 325 ml. It is said that this new can can extend the shelf life of the product and maintain the flavor of the product.

“Since the introduction of FRS products in 2004, we have been improving our products and packaging. Today, we are very proud to recommend this product with better taste, more environmentally-friendly packaging, and more convenient drinking,” New Sun said. Nutrition company CEO Richard Ram said.

This new tank was well commented by New Sun Nutrition's trading customers.

Reprinted from: Huayin Media

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