OL must be cautious in the summer skin care four misunderstanding

In the summer heat, the workplace OL have encountered such a problem: spend a lot of money to invest in a number of well-maintained skin care products, but found that the effect is not satisfactory. Do not doubt that the product has a false name, it is estimated that you have suffered a summer skin care trap. Skin care doctors tell us that unhealthy living habits can also cause a burden on the skin, causing frequent problems and want to completely change them. Then, from now on, use a moisturizing attitude to escape the summer skin care trap.

OL must be cautious in the summer skin care four misunderstanding

Skin care trap 1

Greedy sleep, the skin appears silent and burnout

Summer is coming, and it is also the season of late sleep. Many young people have a rich program at night. From late night to night, life is also very irregular. Life experts remind us that the skin's ability to withstand stress is limited. Irregular, it will lead to our oil secretion is strong, closed acne frequently, irregular menstruation and other symptoms, accumulated, but the damage is amazing.

Response plan:

1. Grasp the golden period of skin care at night

No matter how late you sleep, you must do a good job of cleaning your skin before 11 o'clock. The night is the golden period of skin care. We must grasp it well. First of all, you can use a cleansing cleansing lotion instead of a makeup remover and a facial cleanser to wash away the dirt of the day. Then, using the pressed method with the lotion and essence to make the skin absorb nutrients better, it is very simple to do, the whole palm Gently press the face from the center to the outside and use your fingertips to press the same technique around the face and lips.

Skin care trap 2

Excessive greed and refreshing skin will be very thirsty

Annoying summer, hot and humid, the oily skin always invades the poor "urban skin", so regardless of the three seven twenty-one, washing and re-washing frequently occur, you still don't know, we are not seeing The way to get the skin more and more thirsty.

Response plan:

1. Moisturizing facial cleanser is refreshing and moisturizing.

Most women do not choose pure moisturizing facial cleanser in the summer. They think that this will not achieve the thorough cleansing effect of muscle 1 skin. In fact, as long as the foam is rich enough and the texture is fine enough, moisturizing facial cleanser is the best partner to keep the summer refreshing. It is both moisturizing and has a good moisturizing effect, which can make the skin achieve the best clean and moisturizing effect.

2. Partition massage moisturizing is more divided

Want to moisturize more points, here editors also recommend a wonderful partition care massage, the trick is to start from the forehead, from top to bottom, then up and down; the two sides of the nose are also from the bottom of the nose to the tip of the nose The two cheeks are circularly wound from the bottom to the top, because this can achieve the purpose of cleaning the pores against the pores, so that the subsequent moisturizer can be better absorbed.

3. Do not forget the moisturizing replenishment after cleaning

After cleaning, don't forget to apply skin care products for maintenance. The summer oil secretion is strong. It is best to choose a moisturizer with good moisturizing and oil control function to make the skin reach the balance of water and oil, and to replenish water while locking the water. The skin is radiant, and naturally there is no trouble of repeated cleaning.

OL must be cautious in the summer skin care four misunderstanding

Skin care trap 3

Excessively chilly skin is unconsciously injured

I have to admit that the delicious popsicles and cool ice drinks always attract our taste buds and the skin is the same. Although the ice mask is very popular in summer, the skin care doctors tell us that excessive greed may cause All kinds of skin hidden dangers, let our face yellow and dark, become a full-faced yellow face.

Response plan:

1. Use the ice mask effect with half the effort

If you want the ice mask to play a better role, the ice time can't be too long. After half an hour, you can take out the mask and feel the cool and moist feeling. If the mask gets too cold for a long time, various bacteria in the refrigerator will breed and it will easily inflame our skin. In addition, after taking out the mask from the refrigerator, it is best to dry it for two or three minutes. Don't underestimate this small step, which will not cause the breakdown of fine cells, skin damage, but also make the nutrition of the mask better absorbed.

2. Apply mask to the seat

Although the ice mask is very comfortable, it is not suitable for all types of masks. The moisturizing mask can be placed in the refrigerator. However, anti-aging or whitening mask products are not recommended to be placed in the refrigerator, otherwise the nutrition is destroyed. Ingredients, the effect will be greatly reduced.

Skin care trap 4

Eating indiscriminately, the skin may have been eaten long ago.

On a hot summer day, we often eat a meal, a big fish and a big fish, and the soup is water, the skin is actually the same. After a while, the oil is controlled, and the skin is moisturized for a while. After a while, it is whitening and sunscreen. As everyone knows, your skin can’t be eaten. Bad things can also make trouble, not to mention delicate skin?

Response plan:

1. Determine a function

A full set of moisturizing and most nourishing skin in the greasy summer, you can stop the targeted skin care products, the work of moisturizing will also bring watery skin. After all, moisturizing is the foundation of all care. The easiest way is to gently cleanse the skin and use a gel-like moisturizer. The magic gel texture not only creates an extremely moist feeling. It also makes the skin instantly light and full. >>> Summer to get rid of the "hole" terrorist attack

2. Hydrating spray promotes digestion

If you want your skin to stay hydrated for a long time, the spray is also the magic weapon. At the same time, it is recommended to add a little oil to the spray. This is the secret of many make-up artists to quickly replenish the stars and models. Chamomile and rose essential oils have very good anti-inflammatory sedation, fill the role of wet lock water.

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