Pipette short and long-term maintenance

Pipette short and long-term maintenance
Pipette short and long-term maintenance
As long as you have done molecular biology experiments, there is no need to oversize pipettes of various brands. The following is an introduction to the proper use and maintenance of some pipettes.
Using the tools and instructions provided with the pipette, the pipette can be easily disassembled and maintained in the laboratory
1. Short-term maintenance of pipette:
When you start working every day, check the pipette for dust and dirt, especially the nozzle connecting part is recommended to clean with 70% ethanol.
2. Long-term maintenance of the pipette:
If the pipette needs to be used every day, it is recommended to clean and calibrate it every three months.
3. Clean the pipette: (operate as follows)
(1) Disassemble the pipette according to the instructions.
(2) Check and wipe off dust and stains.
(3) Can only be wiped with 70% ethanol. The nozzle joint and ejector can be soaked in ethanol overnight.
(4) The piston, O-ring and spring are coated with silicone oil.
(5) Install and restore the pipette.
Note: The cleaned pipette needs to be calibrated.
4. High temperature and high pressure disinfection:
To disinfect the nozzles and pipettes, please follow the instructions below
(1) After the nozzle is at a high temperature and high pressure of 121 degrees for 20 minutes, install it in a normal temperature or oven, and use it after the water vapor has evaporated.
(2) The nozzle joints of the entire Focus and Digital pipettes, Freshman and color pipettes, and the nozzle joints of electronic pipettes are also sterilized at 121 degrees high temperature and high pressure for 20 minutes.
(3) The sterilized pipette must be placed at room temperature for two hours before use.
(4) The sterilized pipette needs to be calibrated before use

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