Red wine box production and processing

Tengxing Wooden Packaging Factory is a professional manufacturer of gift packaging boxes, tea boxes, wine boxes, food packaging boxes. We were founded in 2010 and currently employ more than 200 people. We are a manufacturer of design, production and integration.

Our processing, quality inspection, packaging, quality and service are in the leading position in the industry. We have successively invested in the establishment of our own complete packaging box production line, and we have a series of perfect production equipment. The raw materials needed for the production of gift packaging boxes are all green and environmentally friendly. From the initial manual to the present semi-automation, we have a complete and complete set of work products. The management process ensures that rigorous scientific management ensures the perfect quality of all products. We have always pursued perfection of quality. The flat and smooth texture of the produced packaging is far better than other traditional packaging in terms of visual feel. The box is in full compliance with the industry environmental protection requirements of countries such as the European Union, Japan, and the United States. Quality is a leading position in the industry. . What we have been doing right now is high quality and low price. We sincerely look forward to your cooperation.

This category is about Makeup Tools , including Beauty Sponges, Brush Cleaner , Makeup Accessories and Makeup Bags . Makeup Sponge is perfect for application of cream or liquid products. The Makeup Mirror is protable for makeup and touch-ups in the outdoors.

The Silicone Brush Cleaner can help you wash your brushes and the Makeup Pouch will help you store your Makeup Brushes and keep the brushes clean.

Rosy Red SpongePortable Wood Makeup Mirror Handheld Mirror

Makeup Tools

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