Samsung sealed structure strong dust projection L251 use analysis is not afraid of wind and sand

It is estimated that in the spring of this year, the number of sand and dust weather processes in northern China will be 16 to 19, and due to the continuous drought in northern China this spring, the possibility of sand and dust weather is greater. Among them, the possibility of heavy sandstorms in some areas is also greater. Uninvited guests like sandstorms not only seriously affect people's travel and health, but also cause considerable damage to precision instruments such as projectors. Therefore, for normal office and teaching, industry users should pay more attention to the dustproofness of the projector in addition to the hard indicators related to the projection effect when purchasing projections.

If you do n’t want to be disturbed by projection maintenance, and want to save money and manpower, let ’s take a closer look at this Samsung L251 business education projector that I will introduce to you next. In terms of projection performance, this model Although it is mainstream and popular, but regarding the dustproofness, the aircraft has won many editors ’recommendations and best design awards from IT authoritative media and professional magazines for its excellent dustproof design. Compared with other models, what are the unique features, you may wish to see the detailed introduction below.

Samsung sealed structure strong dust-proof projection L251 use analysis, not afraid of wind and sand

At present, although most commercial education projections emphasize the dustproof performance without exception, but to withstand the test of sand and dust, they must have the following two characteristics-users may wish to follow the map when purchasing.

1. Closed structure

Whether it is a mainstream 3LCD or DLP projection, a projection with an excellent dust-proof design must first achieve a completely enclosed structural design without affecting heat dissipation, such as adding a lens hood, having a closed chassis, etc. Only in this way can the projector be protected from the damage of pollutants in harsh environments, and keep it clean and bright for a long time.

Samsung sealed structure strong dust-proof projection L251 use analysis, not afraid of wind and sand

Samsung powerful dust-proof projection

From the picture, we can see that the L251 with outstanding dustproof performance is not only equipped with a sliding dustproof lens cover to avoid loss, a hidden front lens, an integrated body top and "front face", and tightly fits the body. The design of the black sidebar makes the machine unique in dustproof performance. In addition, inside the air outlet of the sidebar of the machine, a set that is conducive to air circulation, which can strongly block and adsorb dust and sand is also installed. Dust dust net, which also prevents dust from taking advantage of the air outlet.

Second, the scientific design of the air path and the protection of the reinforced dust net

In order to ensure the maximum dustproofness of the projector and at the same time to ensure a cool environment even inside the projector in hot summer, Samsung independently developed a set of so-called "twin turbine exhaust system" Dust and heat dissipation design.

Samsung sealed structure strong dust-proof projection L251 use analysis, not afraid of wind and sand

The heat dissipation design is composed of two powerful turbo fans and a filter made of special materials. The former rotates quickly through the fan to accelerate the flow of air, which can keep the temperature inside the machine at a stable level. With the help of static electricity, the latter not only increases the adsorption capacity of fine dust particles, but also effectively blocks the dust and dust in the air from entering the projector. The perfect combination of the two can not only keep the interior of the machine clean for a long time, but also quickly cool the bulb, greatly prolonging the life of the bulb and the period of brightness decay.

Comment: As a dust-proof business education projection that has been well-received in the industry and has won many design awards, the brightness of L251 2500 lumens and the resolution of XGA not only meet the demonstration needs of a classroom of about 60 square meters and medium-sized conference rooms The strong dustproof performance can save a lot of manpower and material resources for users in the later maintenance.

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