Seagate.12 hard drive open data recovery Darth Technology

Media Information: Seagate Hard Drive 7200.12 NTFS System

Fault phenomenon:

Hard disk is not recognized, not recognized

Data recovery detection and recovery process:

After receiving this hard disk, the data recovery engineer detected that the sound of the hard disk is very normal, but the hard disk has been busy and cannot be ready. Therefore, it should be the problem of Seagate firmware. So the engineer connected the hard disk to the UDMA to start repairing the firmware, but reported the SMART table error during the firmware repair process, and also failed after clearing SMART. The reason may be that it appears on SMART, and many repair methods are still not tested. Generally, the failure of the .11 and .12 disks to clear the SMART is generally a problem with the magnetic head. Therefore, the data recovery engineer decided to open the disk and look at the magnetic head to find a good disk of the same model of the same series from the spare parts library. The replacement of the magnetic head was carried out in the clean room. After changing the head, we hang the disk on the UDMA and found it to be busy. After entering the program, we started to repair the firmware. At this time, SMART reported success. After exiting the program, after entering the hard disk, it has changed from busy to ready. The model capacity can be recognized normally. Only a small number of green blocks were found by looking at the hard disk. Then the data recovery engineer started to mirror with DE. After a few hours, the image was completed and the data recovery ended smoothly.

Data recovery result: 100% recovery success

Advice to customers:

Always use data backup when using, keep good computer usage habits, do not perform other operations after the hard disk fails, do data recovery to find a professional and regular data recovery company.

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