Seamless laser stamping foil

In 2006, Kurz will develop a brand new hot stamping foil solution. According to the company, it will bring a "major breakthrough in continuous pattern holographic anti-counterfeiting foil". This solution is named Seamless Laser, which uses diffraction to continuously seal the seams created by imposition in the design pattern.

Since the introduction of continuous patterned hot stamping foils, manufacturers have found a variety of methods to remove these so-called imposition seams. Using ultra-micro structure, through the refraction of light, to achieve a magic color in holographic hot stamping foil. A special master roller tool is used to mold these gratings to the surface of the foil. It has not been possible to eliminate the seams. Until now, the factory has been constantly trying to eliminate them or make them less noticeable, but due to the limitations of production technology, this problem still cannot be solved.

After that, Kurz finally successfully developed a new production technology that can completely eliminate these seams. The company's product range includes vertical seamless hot stamping foil with a large-area rainbow effect. According to Kurz, these foils are called seamless laser foils, which are very popular with customers and the market and have achieved great success. Therefore, Kurz has now applied these new production methods to various laser pattern designs. They no longer have repeated seams in the width direction. And the vertical running direction of the repeated width of the foil is less than 620mm, and there is no seam. Since April 2006, the new seamless laser hot stamping foil process has been applied to 5 patterns. The color is silver, which is especially suitable for the specified products in the paper industry. Special colors and designs are possible to achieve batches produce.

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