Seven Methods in the Expression of Packaging Creativity

First highlight the characteristics. Different products have different characteristics. This characteristic is often the personality of a company and its products that are different from other companies and products, and reflects the difference between the product and other similar products. The appeal of a company’s products to consumers is often not in their commonality but in their personality characteristics. McDonald's and KFC, for example, have their own consumer groups. Their products are common and different, but consumers go to McDonald's more to eat hamburgers; KFC's more to eat chicken wings. What consumers eat is unique to them, not the cola drinks they all have.
Second, consumer positioning. The target of the packaging screen is the identification group and influence group of the product, and is the ultimate consumer of the company's products. When designers design creatively, they must be clear about who the product is sold to. This is a positioning design for the theme of product consumer groups. Consumer groups can be divided by age, gender, country, culture, class, etc. Different products face different consumer groups. Therefore, design can only directly face the specific consumer groups faced by the product. The result is that the distance between the product and the consumer is brought closer to create a sense of affinity.
The third emphasis on the brand. Different products, different brands and product names, and personalized brand image are powerful weapons to occupy the market. New products often rely on creative new images to win the goodwill of consumers. For example, the "right and left source" wine packaging, the company's original packaging and brand font lack of personality, not very good in the market. In the redesign of the packaging, the "Left and Right Wine" brand font was specially designed. Because the name of the product is five characters, too many words and strokes are too cluttered and not very easy to deal with. Therefore, the two most important words "Left and Right" are selected as design entry points, and "Left and Right" use calligraphy to reflect the traditional wine culture. Concept, at the same time to "left and right" spacing, size of a continuous treatment, so that it has the characteristics of the logo form. Reached a prominent, prominent brand of visual effects.
The fourth is to obtain the maximum return with the least investment. This is the business creed. The same applies to the performance of the design. However, the “less” in the design is the result of a large number of preconceptions and filtering programs. It is the essence of the packaging graphics and texts. When the colors of the packaging are taken into account and the simple arrangement is adopted, the clear and simple packaging screen makes people feel noble and elegant. And fashion. Extremely few, sometimes more than tedious, this kind of less is not a simple, but through the concentration of refining the height of the concentration.
The fifth degree of confidence. Packaging design is practical visual arts, with dual functions and arts. In order to achieve a strong artistic appeal, all other visual art forms can be a means of expression. The unique artistic expression of various painting languages ​​is to convey product information. of.
The sixth case can not be met. Some things in real life can be encountered, but not expected, random random performance of packaging design is also similar. For example, the performance of the abstract mechanism of packaging shading is an accidental use. The accidental shape is a natural coincidence. It is difficult to predict and cannot be set in advance. For example, the shape of the ink stain, the shape of the smoke cloud, and the shape of the smoke cloud are all non-repeatable. The contingency and complexity. The result of natural action is generally unpredictable and spontaneous. Although the accidental form is ambiguous, its charm is often unique to Superman. It is also one of the commonly used techniques for packaging design to pursue the novelty of the screen.
Seventh plus and minus. One of the hallmarks of the highest state of art is to do subtraction. This is also true of Chinese painting's promotion of "unintentionality" in packaging design. In particular, the performance of a graphic cannot be exhaustive, and its essence must be taken as the most concise visual language.

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