Spain's new intelligent robot can identify itself in the mirror

China Education Equipment Purchasing Network News: According to the British Daily Mail report, at present, the newly developed artificial intelligence robot can recognize the self-image in the mirror, and when it sees itself in the mirror, it will generate a programming response: "Oh! It ’s me, so nice! "

It is reported that this artificial intelligence robot was named "Qbo", which was developed by Spanish designer Francisco Paz at the Madrid robot company Thecorpora. He intended to design a mobile control device.

The company ’s researchers decided to conduct an experiment to observe the robot ’s response to seeing its own image and other objects in the mirror. This ability to recognize itself in the mirror is considered to be an artificial intelligence. Currently, humans, primates, dolphins and large animals The image has the ability of self-identification in the mirror.

In a video posted to the Youtube video site, the Qbo robot was able to identify itself in the mirror. At the beginning of the experiment, the robot did not know what the image reflected in the mirror was. The researchers told the robot that the image in the mirror was itself. This image information is automatically stored, and when it sees its image in the mirror again, it reacts: "Oh! This is me, so good!"

Paz wrote in the Qbo robot blog: "This is a very simple experiment, but it can arouse the psychological interest in self-conscious response."

According to Paz, the next step will continue to train the Qbo robot's artificial intelligence capabilities so that it can automatically recognize itself when it finds itself in the mirror.

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