Structured stackable bracket system for packaging and transportation services

[Abstract] A structured stackable tray system for holding goods for packaging, transportation and storage. The bracket system includes a bracket base having a post structure, a truss, and a tie rod to form a cubic or rectangular box frame. The system is designed to be removable and foldable when not in use. The stacking plates used with some column structures allow the structured racks to be stacked in multiple layers, saving valuable plant space. The structured cradle system can provide better protection for the cargo, increase the volume of cargo, reduce processing procedures and save logistic costs.

Sovereign Items 1. A structured cradle system in which some structuring members (1) are mounted on a cradle base (2) to form cubic or rectangular box frames for lifting, stacking, storage For the purpose of transporting goods, these structural members are made of segmented or solid construction materials and are connected to each other by grooving, welding, articulation, bolting and mechanical locking.

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