Summary of the corners of the most vulnerable children in the family

You may not find that the home is the most vulnerable place for children. Children's furniture needs to take care of the child's hyperactivity, and it must be designed with safety in mind. A representative of the Global Child Safety Organization walked into the home of a child in Shanghai and found more than a dozen child safety hazards such as balconies and windows within an hour. To this end, the experts advise parents to kneel down and take a look at the height of the child, and there is danger to improve immediately. Children are more likely to be injured at home, sometimes because some furniture in the house is not in place or angular.

Experts advise parents to kneel down and look for hidden dangers from the perspective of their children.

"For relatively large children, we will pay attention to the safety hazards of balconies, windows, etc., but for children under 5 years old (specifically, children under 1, 2 meters), it is best to pay attention to the home and electric water heaters with angular corners. Switch, electric socket, etc.. Wei Li, a professional account manager of China Ping An Life Insurance Co., Ltd., has been in contact with a large number of cases of accidental injury accidents for children in the past four years. Seventy-eight percent of the accidents occurred at home and in the community. It is a bruise, bruise, fall, burn, etc.

Although the family has always been very careful to bring children, but the child is always injured because of drilling into the bottom of the table, the table legs are stuck with anti-collision stickers, but the children like independent space, often drill under the table, stand up and stand up, the head hits Big bags. Children also like to open the door and open the drawer. Some drawers are equipped with wheels, which are closed quickly and the fingers are easily caught.

Boiling water and soup are best kept out of reach of children. In addition, some fitness equipment in the community, it is best not to let children under the age of five touch, "Once my child is sitting on the turntable of the community fitness equipment twisted, turned and then forgot that the back can not rely on, head to After the back, the back of the head fell directly to the ground, I was shocked at the time, fortunately, after checking it, nothing happened!" said a parent in Nanshan District. In addition, anti-collision floor mats, non-slip floor mats, balconies without anti-theft nets are also of concern to some parents.

"A child of 2 years old in Baoan last year swallowed a cosmetic product in front of his mother. As a result, the throat was stuck. Later, he took the operation and took it out. In 2011, there was a child in Nanshan, stepping on the pulley in the community and hitting the knee. On the corner of the green concrete wall, the adults were still following, but they hit very badly.” He said that the angular furniture in the house should be sealed with foam or anti-collision strips. “The edge of the bed and the edge of the cabinet The edge of the table is the most vulnerable place for children. Parents should pay great attention."

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Parents are dangerous in these places

1, the furniture and location of the corners of the home should pay attention to protection

2, smooth floor and watery places should be protected

3, with the floor-to-ceiling design of the family attention plus protective railings

4, do not casually put small things, children under 3 years old will get something when they get something

5, can climb high places and balconies and windows without protective railings should pay attention to

6, wardrobes, drawers and other easy to switch furniture, prevent children from drilling into the closet or closing the drawer to the finger

7, the area of ​​fitness equipment such as swings, ladders, etc. should pay special attention to whether there is a protective pad

8. The kitchen door should be closed at any time to avoid children's contact with the cooking stove.

9, boiling water, hot soup and hot meals should be placed in places where children can not reach

10. The placement of common items in the home should be adjusted according to the age and height of the child.

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11, small electric water heater switch, electric plug, gas switch

12, the shopping mall's suspended escalator should not let children easily ride

13. Ponds, swimming pools, vats filled with water in the bathroom

14. Avoid children playing in the community lane

15, clothing, home improvement, etc. pay attention to formaldehyde safety

16, long-term air conditioning is easy to cause respiratory infections in children

17. Don't let children stay in confined space or airless space for too long.

18, the knife should be placed in a place where children can't reach it.

19, refrigerator, washing machine, etc. are always closed

20. Don't let children touch pets at will.

Pond: It is easy to accident without installing fence

When the summer vacation arrives, many adults will bring children to swim in the pool. Many children also like to approach ponds or fountains, but these places with water are often the most prone to accidents.

In the Garden Expo Park, there are also large and small ponds, which attract many children because of the goldfish in the pond. However, some small ponds have slate, but there is no protection. Children may fall off when they step on the air. Some children take a short net bag to fish there, which is also very dangerous.

It is best to change the fence made of soft iron chains in time, and increase the iron railings to prevent older children from climbing. "These railings have reminders, but when children play, they don't look at it, they don't know how to look at it. It seems to be for adults. If something goes wrong, you can shirk responsibility." Some parents also said that some public buildings have modern design. Not reliable, did not take into account the safety of children.

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