Talking about "King of Wanmu" - Teak

Speaking of solid wood furniture, most people must first think of mahogany furniture. Mahogany furniture is defined as a representative of high-end solid wood furniture, but there is also a valuable wood that is comparable to mahogany - teak, often overlooked.

Teak, known as the "King of Wanmu", also known as oil wood, purple teak, annatto. It is native to Myanmar, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Laos, etc. It is the main afforestation tree species in Southeast Asia and one of the world's most famous valuable wood species. In Myanmar and Indonesia, it is called "national treasure." Since China does not produce teak at present, the recognition of teak furniture by Chinese people is not deep.

First, the characteristics of teak

  • The teak trunk is straight and is ideal for making furniture.
  • The teak is lustrous, the material is uniform, the texture is straight, and the finished furniture is beautiful in appearance and good in color and texture.
  • The crude fiber in the teak structure has medium weight, very small dry shrinkage coefficient, good bending resistance and extremely wear resistance.
  • Anti-termites and sea worms in different seas are foraging and extremely resistant to corrosion.
  • It has a strong aroma and can last for years.

Second, the best use of teak

Teak furniture

  • Teak is the best material for making high-end furniture, flooring, interior and exterior decoration.
  • Especially suitable for the floor, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, shiny and beautiful, beautiful pattern, elegant color tone, good stability, small deformation, it is the best in the floor.
  • Suitable for shipbuilding, open-air buildings, bridges, etc., especially suitable for the manufacture of ship decks.
  • It has strong corrosion resistance to a variety of chemical substances, so it should be used as a wood product for the chemical industry.

Third, teak counterfeit goods

The preciousness of teak makes some "smart" criminals use counterfeit goods instead of teak. In general, the counterfeit teak trees are: American-made mummes (non-pomelo), small-shoes (spotted pomelo), double-column beans in South American wood, eucalyptus (South American teak), and palm trees in Southeast Asia. , saplings, dali beans, rags, dipterocarpes, etc., as well as so-called Australian pomelo (桉木), golden silk pomelo (Mulanaceae, such as laughter, etc.), Taiwan pomelo (Taiwan Acacia), Vietnam Some species of the genus Vitex of the genus Verbenaceae, such as Vitex coffasus (also known as Solomon teak), have some similar characteristics to teak, so they are also used as substitute trees for teak. use.

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Fourth, the teak furniture on the market

There are three types of teak furniture on the market:

  • Made entirely of teak, but in small quantities;
  • Teak frame furniture, a large number;
  • Teak veneer furniture, a large number.

Teak dinette

Teak frame furniture and teak veneer furniture, in addition to the teak part, most of the other is solid wood, and even consists of MDF, teak less. Therefore, only the whole furniture is made of teak wood, which can be called teak solid wood furniture.

Five, teak furniture fraud method

  • The visual part of the exterior is doped with teak wood, such as big wood pigeon, black heart wood lotus or small shoes, or teak furniture made of fake teak.
  • Teak plywood furniture often replaces the counterfeiting of teak with fake teak.
  • The teak furniture with the main part is full of teak furniture, or the solid teak furniture with clear and bold labeling, or the whole teak wood when the salesperson introduces it, but only writes teak furniture when the pen is invoiced, put the word "full" Quietly erased.
  • On the front and back sides of the MDF, teak wood (also known as thin skin) is attached, and then the teak wood is covered with a false frame structure to pretend to be solid wood furniture.
  • Label teak veneer furniture or teak veneer furniture as teak furniture.

Sixth, the prevention method of purchase

  • When buying teak furniture, it is best to choose a furniture brand with good reputation in large furniture stores, and you must obtain valid sales certificates for large shopping malls.
  • In the invoice or other sales vouchers, if there is teak, please indicate "Verbena Teak genus teak". When it comes to solid wood, be sure to indicate whether it is "full teak solid wood furniture".
  • Teak furniture's counterfeiting means can't be prevented, consumers still have to rationally consume, don't want to be cheap, blindly follow the trend.

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