Teach you to easily solve some simple faults in the constant temperature and humidity test chamber

The constant temperature and humidity test chamber is the experimental temperature for simulating the environment by placing the product in a specified temperature and humidity environment. Look at the product's high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, and humidity resistance. You may not know that the test box is cooled and dehumidified by the refrigeration system. The same system can make the machine reach two different states. Is it amazing? And the society will always have some small problems when it is used for a long time. How can we solve this kind of problem? Let's take a look!

When the surface of the test cloth of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber is not clean and hard, or after we have finished the temperature control, the test cloth must be replaced before continuing to do the temperature and humidity sphericity control. The test cloth should be replaced once every three months. When replacing the cloth, wipe the temperature measuring body with a cleaning cloth. When replacing the new test cloth, it should be cleaned first.

The water level of the water trap should not be too high, so that the water overflows the water trap or the water is too low to make the wet bulb test cloth absorb water abnormally. The accuracy of the wet bulb is about six minutes, and the water level of the water tank can be adjusted. The level of the water tank.

When the constant temperature and humidity test chamber is running, the maximum value of the over-temperature protection setting and the temperature in the test chamber rise to the set point of the over-temperature protection, the power supply of the heater is stopped, the over-temperature warning light is on but the fan is still running, if long Time operation and unattended operation, please be sure to check the over-temperature protector before operation, whether it is set properly.


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