Technical defects and remedies of printing inks (8)


Fault phenomenon:

The surface defects such as wrinkles, gas lines, and moiré tend to occur during the drying and curing of the printing ink film and the coating film. Can be divided into the following situations: (1) a version of the wrinkles generated by multi-color overprinting; (2) due to reprint bite the bottom of the printing image produced ink film wrinkling uneven (clothing); (3) ink or coating oil At the time of film formation at high temperature, wrinkle cracking due to acid gas occurs; (4) Moiré occurs when the humidity is large. The ink film or film thickness is easy to produce wrinkles, cooling air blow is also very easy to produce ripples.


Packaging printing ink system using oxidation polymerization cross-linked curing alkyd resin, modified alkyd resin or drying oil, in the case of ink printing, Varnish polishing, such as excessive use of cobalt driers, wrinkles are prone to occur. This is because the surface of the ink layer or the oil layer absorbs the oxidative curing and the skinning, thereby preventing the oxygen from penetrating into the ink film and the oil film layer. Therefore, the printing ink and the coated lubricating oil layer cause stress from above and below to cause wrinkle, and similarly cooling the hair. This is the reason why the stress generated by large stresses causes gas striations. When the alkyd resin or styrene-modified alkyd resin ink system is completely cured in the second or third overprint or coating process, if the underlying full ink layer or lacquer layer is completely cured, it may be damaged. The solvent of the three-pass printing ink or varnish coating system swells and wrinkles. The cause of the gas streaks is often caused by the acid gas contained in the high-temperature gas that causes the catalysis of the ink and the varnish curing agent to cause the hardening of the ink film layer and the oil film layer, resulting in internal stress-induced wrinkling. In severe cases, ink or Varnish also produces wrinkling and crusting during ink fountain production. In addition, the high solids UV oil and UV light oil layers of oxygen are also prone to gas cracking.


The driers are properly selected for ink and varnish formulation, with particular emphasis on adjusting the drying method and speed of alkyd inks or varnish, and controlling the thickness of the printing ink film and coating varnish oil film, thereby ensuring the The ink layer is cured uniformly to avoid wrinkles. The more important thing is to avoid the use of real solvents in the upper ink (or varnish). It is best to use a dilute solvent with a fast volatilization rate. The time between the ink printing and the varnish coating must be strictly controlled to ensure full-printing or full-version printing. The coating layer can be fully cured before the second ink printing or coating glazing. This eliminates wrinkles due to bite-bottoming or cross-coloring, such as inks containing light magnesia or chlorinated polyolefins and alkyd binders that are printed on the undercoat inks, surface finishes that are improperly added or contain xylene It's easy to wait for real solvents

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