The cyclone collection system for small spray dryers is widely used

The cyclone collection system of the Shanghai Bilang Small Spray Dryer is widely used.

The cyclone collection system is widely used by spray dryer systems. Its structural shape directly affects the collection rate of the powder, and the cyclone collector is a very classic powder collector. Spray dryers play an important role.

For the spray dryer system, the performance of the cyclone collector often depends on the actual operation observation and experimental results. Therefore, the most reliable method for purchasing the spray dryer is to test it yourself and have the ability to identify it. Shanghai Birang Instrument Co., Ltd. provides a wide range of test spray services for a wide range of users with a responsible professional attitude. The experimental results confirm the high efficiency and efficiency of the BILON-6000Y small spray dryer, and have been recognized and praised by all test users.

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