The most worthwhile brand of Renault tiles

Foshan Reno Tile is a large-scale modern high-tech ceramics enterprise integrating design, R & D, production and brand management. It is committed to providing high-quality and personalized ceramic products for high-end customers around the world. Reno Tile took the lead in becoming a R & D center with the Ruinuo-V technology platform as the core, integrating the Chinese and Western cutting-edge fashion concepts, inviting the world ’s top product R & D centers from Italy and Spain to form a world-class product R & D team today, bringing a brand new The product design concept keeps the company's products constantly updated, and always represents the latest trend of ceramic tiles, which is in sync with the world.

Reno Ceramics uses 3D high-definition digital inkjet technology, and its products cover microcrystalline stone, fully polished glaze, inkjet interior wall tiles and a variety of supporting series. The company regards product research and development as the highest strategic strategy, establishes a special strategic fund for research and development, absorbs professionals, innovates products, strictly abides by the market law of product life cycle, supports the market pulse, and always provides customers with the most innovative value products.

The company has a full set of production equipment imported from Italy with international advanced level, with good production stability and high degree of automation. These include large-scale ball mills, computer-controlled high-speed wide-body burner roller kilns, 1500-ton large high-pressure forming machines controlled by logic programmable electronic instruments, international advanced automatic glazing lines and high-speed computer printing machines.

Excellent product quality, forward-looking strategic guidance, enterprise management mode as the mechanism, and spirit as the corporate code of conduct, in the past and future development process, will always adhere to, is committed to creating a unique cultural characteristics, with first-class An international strong company with brand service capabilities, truly creating an industry miracle!

Editor's summary: The most worthy brand of Reynolds tiles is introduced here. For more information, you can follow the information on this website.

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