The role of toner in digital printing

With the continuous advancement of ink and toner technology, the quality of digital printing has also been improved unprecedentedly. When people buy digital printing solutions, they often fall into the trap of non-important indicators such as rated speed. People's attention is easily attracted by the latest advances in printer heads and resolution, because these are, after all, things that look fancy on the surface.

But in any case, consumables are still an indispensable and important part of the printing equation. The choice of ink, toner and substrate directly determines the resolution of the image and the customer's overall requirements for the work.

The advancement of consumables has promoted the development of printing

Some people may think: "Toner is just toner", and their basic composition is the same. Toners are everywhere in our lives, and we can easily get them. It is like a pilot flying an airplane. As long as the ink cartridge is installed and the switch is turned on, the printer can start production.

But the topic of toner is a little more complicated. The toner products used in digital printing solutions have various huge and subtle differences. At the very least, they all have different shapes and sizes.

Polymerized toners using polyester as a raw material have become more and more popular now because of their strong adhesion, they can be produced at a higher speed, and the overall performance is also more prominent. This has been approved by Chuck Havens, the material sales manager of Kodak Graphic Group, and Arun Chowdry, the technical development manager.

Tape characteristics: It can reduce the noise of use and is the ideal tape for noise reduction in industrial operating environment. Used for sealing applications in quiet production sites and environmentally controlled environments.
Viscosity: very strong adhesion, uniform coating, uniform coating, one-time use, can not be reused after sticking items
Uses: It is used for bundled packaging or sealing of goods in various industries. Printing tape can also be used for product warning labels, brand promotion, etc.
Features: Silent and environmentally friendly, anti-aging, can be stored for a long time, the longer the storage time, the better the effect, better in hot weather.

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