Thermosetting ink printing curing conditions

The main component of the thermosetting ink is a chemically synthesized material: PVC base + 10% solid PLASTIFIER+ resin. It is a paste solid at room temperature and does not contain any volatile components. However, the thermosetting ink begins to melt as a thick liquid at a temperature of 1 30 to 160°C, and penetrates downward into the gap of the substrate (fabric fiber). At this time, after leaving the high temperature and returning to normal temperature, the thick liquid-like thermosetting ink will solidify into a solid (note that it has not been a paste-like solid in its original state). This solidified solid chemical composition is immersed on the surface of the substrate. It is firmly integrated into one, so that the purpose of printing is achieved.

It can be seen that the curing conditions of thermosetting inks are to control the temperature. The temperature determines the results of thermoset ink printing, such as fastness (bonding force), softness, and elasticity.

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