This method of exercise + diet is not thin is difficult

     [Introduction] Han Xing Quan Zhixian has always been a good example for fans to chase! Since the star broadcast, her fitness secrets have also received much attention. The graceful figure and slender legs have fascinated many fans at home and abroad. Recently, relevant media in South Korea reported on Ji Zhixian’s daily fitness and diet, maintaining a perfect S curve. Learn together!


     Drink fresh juice every day for breakfast

Quan Zhixian's diet magic is mainly from diet control and exercise, one of which is vegetable juice as breakfast. She has said that every day is a stick at 6 am to get up, and then drink fresh fruit juice for breakfast. When you have lunch and dinner, you will eat more vegetables and high-protein foods to avoid excessive fat intake.

Jeon Ji-hyun’s three-course diet is kept away from sweet, salty and spicy foods, avoiding excessive intake of unnecessary sugar and sodium, as well as over-stimulated seasonings. This dietary principle can also keep the skin young. Easy to age.

     Left hand eating to control appetite

Jeon Ji-hyun used her right hand, but she heard that her left hand was able to effectively control her appetite and lose weight, so she began training to eat with her left hand. Studies in the Korean medical community have shown that people who are accustomed to using their right hand will lose weight when they switch to their left hand to take chopsticks. After the experiment, the person who passed the experiment changed his weight, and his cholesterol and blood pressure returned to normal.

  Maintain aerobic exercise

No matter how busy, Quan Zhixian insists on running every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and performs other sports exercises every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Aerobic exercise is different from anaerobic exercise. The intensity of aerobic exercise is mostly lower and longer, which can improve heart and lung function. Therefore, if you want to speed up the weight loss, it is recommended that each aerobic exercise lasts for more than 30 minutes and accumulates more than 150 minutes a week, which can effectively consume systemic fat.

     The benefits of aerobics:

1. Promote health: Aerobic exercise can increase vitality, relieve stress, and relax.

2. Make the heart stronger: A strong heart can fully deliver oxygen-filled blood to the body, reducing heart disease and high blood pressure. This can also promote blood circulation, and the rate of metabolism can be improved and accelerated.

3. Burning fat: Burning fat requires oxygen. Aerobic exercise can help the body to be in an aerobic state and burn more fat in the body.

[Healthy Tips]:

Suggested aerobic exercises include: brisk walking, brisk walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming or skipping, or using some sports equipment, including rowing machines, treadmills, or stepping on a bicycle. It is aerobic exercise, you can choose several kinds of matching according to your own preferences, make the sport more diversified and more interesting.


     Half body bath increases metabolic detoxification

Quan Zhixian does not say that he particularly likes to bathe the half-body bath. The half-body bath is a bathing method for soaking the lower body. The warm water flow can promote blood circulation, improve metabolism, relieve leg fatigue, improve cold hands and feet, improve immunity, and eliminate Toxins in the body, release muscle pressure, and eliminate edema. Especially for people with lower body fat, the effect of the half-body bath is more significant. The advantage of a half-body bath is that the chest is not affected by water pressure, so the heartbeat and blood pressure are in a normal state, but you still need to pay attention to the following steps:

   Steps to soak the half body bath

1. The water temperature is slightly higher than the body temperature (37~40 degrees is appropriate).

2. Soak it to the lower part of the navel.

3. The soaking time is approximately 20 minutes.

   [Healthy Tips]:

When you have a full stomach and an empty stomach, and after a lot of exercise or after work, you should take a break and then take a half-body bath, which is safer. In addition, Japan and South Korea have also shown that the time for washing the "half body bath" should be controlled within 30 minutes, and the water temperature is around 37 °C. Because the blood flowing out of the heart can be returned to the heart after circulating in the body for 1 minute. If soaked in warm water for 30 minutes, the blood can be circulated 30 times in the body, which helps to enhance blood vessel elasticity and improve heart beat and lung respiratory function.


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