Tips for buying bamboo furniture

The bamboo furniture is light and comfortable, and the color is elegant and unique. It has a simple and natural beauty. Generally check the following points when purchasing:

Bamboo furniture bamboo sofa.Jpg

1. Because bamboo furniture is mostly made by hand, and bamboo is not as tight as steel and wooden furniture. When purchasing, carefully check whether the tightness is uniform and whether the ends of the bamboo strips are loose.

2. Observe whether the surface of bamboo furniture is smooth, shiny, and the color is consistent. Whether the gap between the bamboo strips is fine and equidistant, whether there is crack or breakage.

Bamboo bed of bamboo furniture.jpg

3. Bamboo furniture is extremely vulnerable to insects. When buying, pay special attention to the presence of insects. If you find a hole and affect the fastness of the bamboo strip, you cannot buy it.

4. In order to prevent dry cracking, bamboo furniture is usually painted with a layer of varnish on the surface, but the white blank on the reverse side cannot be varnished, so as to maintain the humidity of the bamboo.

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